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  1. Western Washington

    They should look at expanding their service dept. They are leaving a lot of money on the table. Mullinax Ford in Olympia has a Ford Quick Lane Service Center across the street from the dealer with 6-8 bays. No appointment necessary. I do my oil changes there. I do my OEM Mileage Interval...
  2. Proximity keyless entry door handle failed

    I had my driver door proximity sensor stop working yesterday. I did the Menu>Settings>Vehicle>Locks>Intelligent Access Pressed and held OK to Deactivate. Then immediately reactivated without leaving the menu. Jumped out, locked my Maverick. Walked away 10 seconds and it now works. Easy peasy...
  3. Living with Cyber Orange.?

    The paint kit I got off Amazon works great. Product: PAINTSCRATCH Touch Up Paint Tricoat Bottle Car Scratch Repair Kit - Compatible/Replacement for Ford Mach-E Cyber Orange Tricoat (Color Code: SB/M7450) But you have to put down a base coat, let dry, pearly metallic coat, let dry and then top...
  4. Living with Cyber Orange.?

    Over 16,000 miles now and I still love my Cyber Orange color selection. It is fun and helps brighten up the dreary gray Pacific NW. I will say this seems to attract bugs. Since it's turned summer, small bugs, gnats, moths, flies, bumble bees seem drawn to the color. I live next...
  5. Get Wireless Android Auto w/ Motorola MA1 USB Dongle -- reviews

    Nope. When you have an AA session active with the MA1, plugging in your device in the other USB port will just cause it to charge. Does not interrupt anything. Works well.
  6. Matching dark gray ACC panel to black grille - DIY FIX using Forever Black

    I'm at 15,000 miles now. In the heavy rains, it seemed to last well for about 2,000 miles or so. Then would fade away quickly. Now it's lasting about 5,000 miles in the dry summer. Or it might be that the plastic has oxidized more and not so glossy, so it is adhering better. Either way it's...
  7. First thing you did/doing to your Mav

    I like it. I would love a hard folding top, but just can't justify the expense right now. It still looks brand new after 7 months of torturous weather. Snow/rain/hail. Now 2 months of hot summer sun. It is great that it takes up no bed space. This one rolls up and re-fastens easier/better...
  8. Would anyone get a 2 door if available?

    Ranchero and El Camino were full size cars. VW pickup is much inline with size of Maverick, and in 2 door format it looks like an updated VW pickup. I believe if people would have seen a 2 door Maverick in person like the initiating photo with absolutely no Ford or Maverick badging, many...
  9. Western Washington

    Looks so good in white! Congrats!!
  10. 245/65-17 MAXXIS RAZR AT's on my Cyber Orange Lariat Maverick

    They look fantastic in 235's too! Looks sharp with your Maverick color too. Be sure to post photos with your new FX4 emblems! 🤩
  11. 245/65-17 MAXXIS RAZR AT's on my Cyber Orange Lariat Maverick

    It seemed like it took about 1-2 MPG hit when first installed during winter. But now after I got over 10,000 miles and warmer temps, my mileage has improved and I have gotten those 1-2 MPG back and then some. I now am getting 30+ MPG on road trips when my average speed is around 60-65 MPH. I...
  12. 245/65-17 MAXXIS RAZR AT's on my Cyber Orange Lariat Maverick

    Yes, definitely. Dirt trails, gravel roads, wet rocks, roots, etc. Does well. Very grippy. It's the best 'all around' tires. I'm now up to 13,000 miles. It does everything I throw at it well, or extremely well. I'm still amazed for an off-road tire how well it does on highways at speed...
  13. Maverick featured in Texas anti-speeding commercial

    Typical Maverick driver. LOL
  14. Western Washington

    I would interpret that with the big jump between February and March, is that Ford cleared out all the easy to build backlog. Now with the slow reduction since, they are working through constrained vehicles. Not even 5 a month it appears. So, without additional constrained parts arriving and...
  15. Cyber Orange Mav is Home!

    Looks great, fellow Cyber Orange FX4 owner! Also, BTW, my brother lives in Mitchell.
  16. Western Washington

    Yeah, I helped another member a few weeks ago, and it doesn't seem to say the town names any longer along the way. :(
  17. Western Washington

    You were in my neck of the woods! Bubba's or the Boat House?
  18. Western Washington

    It's actually the other way around. Albertson's bought Safeway. At least a remnant of Albertson's that was controlled by Cerberus Capital Management after the original Albertson's broke up in 2006. Cerberus took it's regional Albertson's it purchased in Texas/New Mexico and kept expanding its...
  19. Western Washington

    Remember when there was an airport there? 🤔 I think the end of the runway was around the Embassy Suites, if memory serves.
  20. 2023 Ford Maverick - 12 Changes We Need

    I get that. But I wanted a totally loaded little pickup. There is a world where a product can deliver both things. It's an economy truck for those who want that. It's a loaded truck for those willing to pay for it. Why should your vehicle have to be big and waste a lot of fuel (and extra...