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  1. Cost of a new Maverick

    My uncle had one, believe it had a 390 in it. I broke the motor mounts revving it. He wasn’t happy
  2. First Maverick Tremor Hands-On Walkaround Videos Are Here

    Simple question with multiple answers from multiple people depending on their particular wants and/or needs. Simple questions don't always get simple answers and why everyone has a choice
  3. First Maverick Tremor Hands-On Walkaround Videos Are Here

    The videos that I saw on the BS Badlands yes the locking rear differential makes a substantial difference. It's simple, if you are interested in the differences that the Tremor offers it's worth it, if you aren't it's not. There is only a right or wrong answer here based on a persons opinion or...
  4. First Maverick Tremor Hands-On Walkaround Videos Are Here

    Agreed as long as the power is still there. I am not complaining about my ECO's MPG. It's relevant to each individual. My previous vehicle was an 07 V8 Mountaineer so.... however if you are comparing it to a compact car well that's a different story. I am pleased with my power, acceleration...
  5. Radiator in heat, concern?

    I have not heard of any problems with BS Badlands in regards to overheating. The reduced towing has more to do with the off road tuned suspension than cooling. Ford already has plenty of field testing in all sorts of weather plus the BS Badlands in real world driving. If there was a problem with...
  6. First Maverick Tremor Hands-On Walkaround Videos Are Here

    Yep I am enjoying my ECO very much.
  7. First Maverick Tremor Hands-On Walkaround Videos Are Here

    At this point they have it figured out. If you remember when the first Maverick videos came out for the 2022 there was no driving just reviewing specs and options. I have confidence it will do what they say, my 22 FX4 has performed like a champ and is very capable. The history of the Tremor...
  8. Maverick vs Santa Cruz sales - July and YTD 2022

    Yep, maybe they can base it on this awesome platform, and Subaru can make one too. It's full electric and everything...what a deal Toyota offering to buy back these recalled electric cars -
  9. Will my dealer buy my truck?

    They should. If you have a Toyota that you want to keep let the Maverick go to someone that will appreciate it. If I sound harsh oh well, this is what’s wrong with the system and their are plenty of folks that want a Maverick. I hope a good owner has the opportunity to appreciate the great...
  10. New Colorado 2023 revealed

    They do. It’s a fact with the advances in technology and rush to production. My grief is that some live in glass houses and love to cast stones. My opinion, just my opinion, the Toyota people have a holier than thou smugness. I don’t buy into it but again everyone is entitled to their opinion...
  11. New Colorado 2023 revealed

    Y’all need to quit complicating things for the toyodor folks. They are the best at everything, just ask them
  12. My experience thus far… favorite vehicle I have ever owned.

    It’s way to quick, almost stupid fast accelerating if you know how to maximize the turbo. I am waiting for my first speeding ticket in 25 years with my Maverick. Load the turbo at 20 mph and be at 70 mph real quick. I can’t help myself, it’s ridiculous 🤣🤣🤣
  13. My experience thus far… favorite vehicle I have ever owned.

    Fair review, unibody AWD truck, not made to be compared to a body on frame. Price alone makes that obvious. It’s damn versatile that’s for sure. I like driving mine, plenty of giddy up and still decent MPG. The infotainment is not sync 3 it’s a cheaper knock off that uses less chips and it’s...
  14. Possible 2023 Maverick Black Appearance Package contents (from Ranger BAP)

    Ranger has a black appearance package 2022 Ford Ranger XLT Black Appearance walkaround video - Bing video
  15. Selling below MSRP

    When I bought mine at Chapman, all of my options/packages were at dealer invoice so I saved more there too.
  16. Any dealers doing under invoice deals for 2023 orders?

    3% under invoice chapman ford horsham pa - Search (
  17. Maverick Tremor Official Release! – Specs, Pics, Videos. Priced @ $2,995

    I believe you will see both the hybrid AWD and ST package in the near future. The Tremor might not be what you, as an individual want or need but it probably made the most sense right now in regards to getting it to the public. Ford has a ton of experience with Tremors in various models, most...