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  1. Now I’m PO’d

    Think I would talk to the GM at your dealership, preferably face to face and see about escalating it in the service department
  2. Thinking of cancelling Copilot 360 in build after seeing review.

    Disregard the Naysayers, you should absolutely order/keep the CP360! Also if your getting the Lariat, you should order the Lux Pkg for the ACC/Lane Centering, etc.
  3. Any dealers honoring original MSRP?

    As I understand it, you are covered with Fords price protection. The window sticker is showing the current pricing because of the price increases. When you sit down to purchase the vehicle, the dealer should make a selection referencing purchase date in the Smart Vincent system so your...
  4. Be prepared for 2023 Maverick price increases. 2023 Lightning prices just increased significantly

    They can all keep their EV's, I don't want any part of that stuff.
  5. Today's Constraints

    Exactly DO NOT drop lux or CP360, that will reduce your private offer
  6. Today's Constraints

    I got a vin and build date for a lariat, awd, 4k tow, lux pkg couple weeks ago, ordered in dec 21. I realize lux pkg been constrained and all, don’t see why XLT would be different, maybe it a dealer allocations thing, I got no idea
  7. Ford CEO talks a big game..Here’s the reality

    Here's a recent article related to the OP subject. Last paragraph sum's up the current reality.
  8. Ford to drastically cut vehicle configurations and options (Article)

    Hum, wonder what will look like? No more Lux packages? (No idea how accurate this article is. Just thought it was interesting.)
  9. Ford CEO talks a big game..Here’s the reality

    The reality is Ford and the rest of the vehicle mfg can’t do anything, their hands are tied due to the current laws. They will be able to do different with EV products with the new company format, but ICE side will be bogged down for years before lawyers, lobbyist, fed govt, and states will let...
  10. Need some advice

    Sell it and call Uber when ya can’t walk to where ya need to go
  11. 3K mark

    Awesome, Nice Ride!!! Semper Fi !!!
  12. Superlift 2.5" lift kit for AWD Maverick

    I might be wrong, but it seems like there have been some post about damage that warranty would not cover due to some lifts. Might want to be careful. Just a thought.
  13. I ordered a Santa Cruz… should I still order a Maverick in Sep?

    I would order the Hybrid Maverick since that seems to be the gut feeling of what your really want. Assuming that is accurate, I think you would always regret buying the SC, especially every time to see a Maverick, just IMO
  14. And........ I am still waiting ... Hybrid

    That's just ridiculous to not have your truck by now. Seems like you should have got some traction since removing the restrictions in March. But geez, now theirs the issues holding back most all Hybrid builds. Hate to say it but your probably gonna be one of the many rollovers to MY23. I...
  15. Anybody pick out a name for your truck?

    That's got to be really Frustrating. But what's the Cancelled on 3-19 about if they never ordered it? I hope something good works out for you.
  16. Guess what happened today?

    Congratulations, that truck looks FINE !!!!
  17. Guess what happened today?

    We need pictures
  18. Build email Finally

    Thats Awesome. Congratulations !!!! I found out a week or two ago that I have a VIN and Scheduled Build Date of 9-5-22. We'll see how many times that gets changed around. Finally there is HOPE. Build details in my sig below
  19. Dealer markup/non-markup list

    Town and Country Ford-MSRP on any custom retail orders. Located in Birmingham Alabama area (Bessemer and Pell City)
  20. Ford: Maverick orders are now scheduled in the order they are received

    Did you ever get PROOF of an COVP document with your order number and sales code Approved by Ford? Did the dealer get a copy of your drivers license? And give you a priority code between 10 -19. If you don't have this the first thing I could suggest is go to your dealer very soon and have them...