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  1. On hold for chip!

    With the same build, ordered 11/1, I finally got my VIN for a 9/5 build week. At 73, I didn't want to drop the CP360 since getting used to similar technology in my 2020 Sonata Hybrid. I hope for both our sakes that those chips become available in the next few weeks.
  2. Check out this beautiful visitor I spotted at work today!

    Saw this on the way into the breakfast room 4 years ago at lakeside resort in Bridgeton Maine. It had just emerged from the cocoon it's clinging to, still wet and unfurled.
  3. working?

    Ordertrack works for me. I'm looking forward to see how it changes when my build begins.
  4. Ford OEM tailgate letters

    Waiting for my September build, VB Hybrid XLT. I'd planned to buy the matte black raised letters on Etsy but after seeing these, the plan has changed. Sharp!
  5. ⏰ Maverick Scheduling Next Week (7/11) For Production Build Week 9/5

    Thank you! And thanks for your dedication to keeping us informed and updated.
  6. ⏰ Maverick Scheduling Next Week (7/11) For Production Build Week 9/5

    I called CS on July 14. The rep informed me that no, you aren't scheduled yet. On Wednesday July 27 I stopped by the dealership to learn what I needed to do to get my 2023 rollover order into the system (this was just before the change to mid-September was announced). The guy at the computer...
  7. Have a build date for 8/29 I think

    I just got a VIN from the dealer 2 days ago and ran it in the tracker. Not sure how useful the current information is but it might be once your truck is actually being built. As it says below your data: DISCLAIMER: All data is presented as is and is a reflection of orders submitted to...
  8. November Hybrid Orders United

    Stopped by my dealership this morning. I was expecting to learn what they plan to do next week to facilitate my rollover order process. Turns out I got a VIN. Now I'm waiting to see an email from Ford with the same info (the tracking site says the VIN and order number are right but no window...
  9. Estimated Build Date Graph

    Stopped by my dealer this morning. I got a VIN! I'm posting about it here after checking the updated charts because my November 1 order date is currently scheduled for the September 5 build week, EXACTLY what was predicted. Go figure. (Edit to correct date)
  10. Velocity Blue Orders Scheduled

    No joy yet, really wanted the hybrid XLT in VB. But on the way home yesterday we stopped at the dealership to see if they had a Maverick on the lot. They had 3, one VB with a SOLD sign and 2 XLs in white for retail sales; all were EB. Then we decided to check out other Ford models so we could...
  11. Hello Maine Maverick Owners

    I too ordered from Bangor Darlings. Still no truck but I have confidence that they will be doing the right thing. My niece ordered hers from their Brunswick location at the end of January and picked it up about 3 weeks ago, very happy with the whole process.
  12. Rolling Average? 9,700 mile Review and Fuel Economy Check-In, Hybrid Lariat

    Thanks, Jim, I appreciate the offer. We're about 30 miles north of Bangor, but we get over to Eastport a couple of times a year and stay at a friend's B&B. I'm pretty sure we'll be heading west in September this year. If there's a change I'll let you know.
  13. Rolling Average? 9,700 mile Review and Fuel Economy Check-In, Hybrid Lariat

    Are you going to the Pirate Festival, the weekend after Labor Day? I'm hoping to get to Wisconsin in the fall, friends and family to see. Probably won't have my Maverick though, but I can hope.
  14. Rolling Average? 9,700 mile Review and Fuel Economy Check-In, Hybrid Lariat

    I love to see the the great MPG readouts with a breakdown of the driving habits and mention of seasonal conditions over the duration of the readings. I'm always impressed with the readouts I have with my 2020 Sonata Hybrid: our 5000 mile, 4 weeks trip in the early spring from Maine to South...
  15. Dear Ford - the folks manning your customer call lines are awesome!

    After a couple of chat sessions with Ford CS, I decided to use the phone support again on Wednesday. The woman I spoke with was very personable, verified all of my information, told me about her now-gone Escort as if I was an old friend and she had all the time in the world to chat with me. The...
  16. Hello Maine Maverick Owners

    FINALLY! Saw my first Maverick in Maine in the wild yesterday, driving south on 95 somewhere north of Augusta. It was a black hybrid with no lights on at all. Snuck up on me so I didn't see it until it passed me. It had something tarped in the bed due to the intermittent rain. ☔
  17. November Hybrid Orders United

    Nice color! What was under the hood/tranny?
  18. November Hybrid Orders United

    You bet. I bought it in 2002, about a year before a radical life change. Sold it 5 years later, regret it now, but oh well. I hope the current owner is taking good care of it.