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  1. In Production

    Have any of your modules populated? Serious question.
  2. Found a Maverick on the lot today...and I see why.

    The 10k over MSRP XL AWD at Fowler Ford in Tulsa, OK has been on the lot around two weeks. The GM there will start squirming in their chair at the 90 day mark knowing they'll lose money on interest costs after 120. Let vehicles like that sit til the tires dry rot.
  3. What should I check on delivery

    I found at least five good threads when I searched for "delivery checklist". Read them all, develop your own list and leave the lot with a piece of mind.
  4. 2023 Maverick Dropped From Summer Rate-Lock Incentive Program

    The article mentions rates for multiple models. The actual current rates for a 22 are: 1.9/36, 2.9/48, 3.9/60, 5.9/72, 6.9/75 and 7.9/84. ALL of those offers expire on 10-3-2022. Scroll down to the maverick pic, click and use the term drop down...
  5. Getting tired of waiting.....

    I like to browse the inventory in surrounding 100 and 200 mile radii. The site is a week behind and I consider it a poor source of finding a stock or refused retail/fleet order. A local dealer had two fleet XLT's listed this morning that arrived last week. A few weeks ago I found out a...
  6. Are Hybrids named wrong?

    I'll call it a full hybrid electric vehicle (FHEV). It's Ford's classification and distinguishes it from a BEV (battery electric vehicle).
  7. Episode 51: Ordering & Scheduling Information for August

    If you placed your order with a small dealership the possibility of getting an allocation for any Maverick might be slim. A larger dealer will get their share within it's district/region. Long McArthur has averaged 20 the past few months with the reasoning that other dealers in it's area did not...
  8. Episode 51: Ordering & Scheduling Information for August

    Especially a 11-15 hybrid FE Lariat Lux order. Wouldn't it be something if a Velocity Blue was the last built 22 since it will be a discontinued color and the first one built.
  9. Carvana selling 2022 Mavericks at sky high prices

    I read where sales in the last year are up9% and the gross profit per vehicle is up $853 from last quarter while it reduced it's workforce by 12% in May. To a layman, the company is losing less money. To an investor, time to short sell since a 40% jump isn't sustainable.
  10. Carvana selling 2022 Mavericks at sky high prices

    Carvana must be reading the 10k ADM's of refused retail orders at dealer lots. A desperado can buy a VB XL AWD w/4 pin hitch and 360 for 35k instead of 25 at Fowler Ford in Tulsa, OK. Even a lesser demand Ranger is going for 1500 over MSRP.
  11. Episode 51: Ordering & Scheduling Information for August

    Since others follow the Fleet Distribution News Bulletin posted every Friday on another site; some of the new dates create new questions. 08/25/2022 - 2022MY Last Day to Spec Change 11/11/2022 - 2022MY Balance Out Date 11/14/2022 - 2022MY Balance Out Date (FHEV)...
  12. Episode 51: Ordering & Scheduling Information for August

    Just tying to extend a lifeline to MY22 orders who want to circumvent the "no more hybrids available" status to get a VIN in August. I'm grateful every day that you ( @fordvideoguy )sent me a scheduling notification in April and have nothing to do with the high voltage battery problem that...
  13. Episode 51: Ordering & Scheduling Information for August

    The high voltage battery issue was quoted as, " Being a problem". It's the biggest hold up in the hybrid component supply chain. I've tried contacting people at the Rawsonville Components Plant in Ypsilanti, MI with no success.
  14. ⏰ Maverick Scheduling Next Week (8/1) For Production Build Week 9/26

    Good call. I's like to ask the right person what would happen if a person wanted to change engines and have a chance at a non lux/bed cover/splash guard ordered MY22.
  15. ⏰ Maverick Scheduling Next Week (8/1) For Production Build Week 9/26

    I confirm. Dealers with allocations left for what is considered the last week of July can technically schedule hybrids. All of the August scheduling will be for Ecos with no bed covers, splash guards or lux packages. August scheduling will go to the balance out date of 11-7 with an anticipated...
  16. Official bulletin: reorders and 2022's. 2023 order banks open September further confirmed

    I spotted two fleet XLT Ecos at my local dealer today. the VIN's were 87xxx. The last hybrid I saw as arrived (online) around Kansas City had a VIN of 66xxx.
  17. Nightmare with Delivery of my Hybrid XLT...I'm very upset...

    Stories like this make me want to drop a a bare bones XL Eco order on My23 day 1 and see how many 22 hybrids I beat to my driveway.
  18. Episode 51: Ordering & Scheduling Information for August

    It's what I took away from the bombshell announcement as well. If you have a hybrid VIN your in. If your an unscheduled hybrid, have a bed cover, luxury package or splash guards on any order you'll not get a 22. I asked (during the live stream) if it meant Ford had scheduled all FE's (I know...
  19. Build date pushed back ?

    Read everyone's signatures and enjoy the wait.
  20. Maverick Tremor Official Release! – Specs, Pics, Videos. Priced @ $2,995

    IMO, if you want to tow more than 2K off road buy a Bronco for 3500lbs and a Raptor for 4500.