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  1. Using GE Under Counter LED lights for bed lighting…works great!

    Or you can do 25$ Amazon LED’s.
  2. Antenna pulled out from roof of Maverick. $1500 fix quoted

    For those saying to Mickey Mouse it. I hope you buy it in a couple years when he sells it. Lol
  3. California Oem hood deflector tail gate letters

    Yea. Pick up only. In OC.
  4. Villa Ford Orange, CA. $20K ADM !!!!!

    I bought mine from Villa ford. Msrp. For ordered trucks.
  5. Disappointing 31.5 mpg on 850 miles trip: LA-Arizona-LA

    At the end of the day you should have done some research on what you bought. Your truck is rated at 33 mpg hwy. Your getting what your suppose too. Thinking you’d get what others post on here in perfect and unrealistic mpg all the time is stupidity.
  6. Disappointing 31.5 mpg on 850 miles trip: LA-Arizona-LA

    Think you need to remember these are rated at 33 hwy So yea you’ve probably been driving in favorable conditions to get above rated mpg.
  7. Disappointing 31.5 mpg on 850 miles trip: LA-Arizona-LA

    Seems normal. I’m in SoCal to. And freeway miles here are more like city miles with all the traffic. On long trips like that the battery has no situations to recharge and at higher hwy speeds it’ll run purely on gas engine. Gotta remember it’s rated 33 hwy so your not far off from where it...
  8. 235/70/17- ?

  9. AWD Hybrid Maverick Prototype Possibly Spied Testing

    Doubt that’s all wheel drive. Don’t see a axel nut in the rear wheels.
  10. California Oem hood deflector tail gate letters

    Probably cheaper if you justbuy them off Etsy then going thru all that.
  11. 235/70/17- ?

    Idk man. More like a dud. Lol
  12. 235/70/17- ?

    Nope guess you need better taste. Lol. Coopers look like shit compared to other/better sidewall tires.
  13. 235/70/17- ?

    The coopers. Again all imo. I like an aggressive sidewall.
  14. 235/70/17- ?

    Like I said imo. For me it had to be good but also look good. Those don’t look good at all.
  15. 235/70/17- ?

    both those tires suck imo. If falken, toyos, nittos or a decent looking AT tire was available in that size I would have gone with it. But had to go 245/70.
  16. 235/70/17- ?

    IMO I think 235/70 is the perfect size. No rubbing taller etc. but no good at tires In that size.