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  1. Ford Maverick LIFT KIT suspension from Flatout Suspension!!

    Ford would have to prove that any repairs are from faulty aftermarket parts. It wouldn’t automatically void the warranty. Idc who says what, it rarely happens with these smaller lifts. Though with todays world you can’t rule it out. Anything aftermarket is going to always be do at your own risk...
  2. Ford Maverick LIFT KIT suspension from Flatout Suspension!!

    That’s what I was thinking that’s why I offered my Maverick up to install and take pictures lol
  3. Ford Maverick LIFT KIT suspension from Flatout Suspension!!

    @Flatout Suspension I'd definitely like to see the Plus or 40 kit installed and set at 2.5-3" on a Maverick. Ive been waiting for an actual suspension lift kit to come out. I have some questions though..Whats the difference in OEM Hybrid--Camber plate? Would any OEM parts have to be modified...
  4. Towing – SAE J2807, Ratings, Equipment, Frontal Area, Experiments

    Great post! Just downsized my camper yesterday to be able to tow with the Maverick. I wont lie that I went a little over the GVWR that I wanted to but running all the numbers and being pretty experienced with towing campers I was comfortable as long as I was super cautious.. The Maverick has...
  5. DIY Overland Rack?

    Yea but trying to find these brackets or get them custom made has proved to be difficult, they all want a CAD file. Haven't had the time to sit down and do that yet. Xtrusion didnt respond to my email...
  6. CURT Bolt On Hitch for Maverick (rated to 4,000 lbs)

    I don’t tow with any tanks full and all I keep in camper is linens and some chairs and mat. The rest is packed in another vehicle pulling the golf cart. Believe me I know it’s very close to the max by itself. I’m driving up to look at it tomorrow and going to see if they will let me hook up to it.
  7. CURT Bolt On Hitch for Maverick (rated to 4,000 lbs)

    Camper I’m looking at has 3400 dry weight and tongue weight of 523
  8. CURT Bolt On Hitch for Maverick (rated to 4,000 lbs)

    Naw new camper I’m looking at has 523 tongue weight lol
  9. CURT Bolt On Hitch for Maverick (rated to 4,000 lbs)

    So would this hitch increase the hitch weight capacity higher then the 400lb factory rating? So if I changed mine out with this one it would be 600lbs?
  10. Xtrusion Overland XTR1 Bed Rack released

    If you can, could tell me what the angle degree on the rail brackets?
  11. Modify Tacoma overland roof/bed rack?

    Yea cheap package deal to customize I thought. Just the XTR1 Rack start at that price.
  12. DIY Overland Rack?

    Oh yea I will for sure, might be a couple weeks though with daughters graduation, three camping trips before I sell the camper and f150. I’m hoping to have a mock up by mid June though.
  13. DIY Overland Rack?

    I’m definitely going the route of three legs a side and beefing the crossbar count. I’m hoping to find some brackets online tomorrow and get on order.
  14. DIY Overland Rack?

    I’m sure it does but just about every overland rack I’ve came across are made from the same. Check out the XTR1, Putco Venture TEC, there’s some others but all extruded t slotted framing. I will take that into consideration when I start building it, thanks.
  15. Xtrusion Overland XTR1 Bed Rack released

    Hey Alan, wondering do y’all sell the corner brackets and wide wing brackets just themselves?
  16. DIY Overland Rack?

    I see you saw my other post. Really just thought that kit was cool and wanted to share for people the don’t DIY. I’m leaning towards building my own especially since I have so much of this material for free. I’m sure I can find the brackets and such but figuring what the weight rating would be...
  17. DIY Overland Rack?

    looking for info and ideas if anyone else has ever made an overland rack for the Mav or any truck. Was lucky enough to snag around 100’ of this extruded aluminum t-channel strut at work. It’s 1.5”x.75”. Trying to figure out how I’d calculate weight ratings and such. Looking for brackets to...
  18. Modify Tacoma overland roof/bed rack?

    Anyone see this and start wondering if you can modify to fit the Maverick? All it would take for the bed rack is to shorten cross bars and drill new mounting holes. The roof rack however idk, measurements almost would work but I’ve never mounted one and their installation manual is not really...