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  1. Ford to drastically cut vehicle configurations and options (Article)

    I think this is more or less instead of 20 small packages they have a few large packages, limiting production complexity. They can still have the same options but instead of many configurations there will only be a few
  2. Maverick TREMOR Off-Road Package Details Revealed (Then Pulled)!

    Damn it! I LOVE my Maverick, but I live rural (3 miles of dirt road) and of course the roads get washed out and I was thinking of getting the new ranger but damn this looks good
  3. 2023 Maverick New Colors: Atlas Blue, Avalanche Gray

    Is that when we find out about the tremor also?
  4. 2023 Maverick New Colors: Atlas Blue, Avalanche Gray

    Wonder when 2023 Build and Price will be up, kinda curious about that Tremor…
  5. New Maverick Recall: 2.5 Hybrid Engine Fire Hazard [Updated w/ Safety Recall Notice to Dealers]

    In the monthly vehicle report I just got from Ford on my Maveric, the recall is now listed but won’t give details
  6. New Maverick Recall: 2.5 Hybrid Engine Fire Hazard [Updated w/ Safety Recall Notice to Dealers]

    I’m not sure I’m happy with those odds. I had my previous vehicle have the engine seize up while I was driving and that was no picnic getting it off the road. I get that the engine seizing while driving isn’t going to for sure cause something catastrophic, but this recall ”repair” isn’t really...
  7. 2023 Maverick website preview link

    I bet July is when we see 2023 features, especially if they show off the rumored Maverick Rattler/Tremor or AWD Hybrid, or the PHEV model.
  8. Hybrid gas milage drop!!!

    I also forgot to add that my truck felt a bit sluggish running 87 and 91 has improved its performance a bit
  9. Hybrid gas milage drop!!!

    Same problem here I use the AC a lot as we have been in the hundreds or high nineties for a couple weeks now, I went from regular (87) to mid grade (89) when the weather got hot and saw some improvement then I recently went to premium (91) and get amazing gas mileage. I was averaging 20-22 on my...
  10. AWD Hybrid Maverick Prototype Possibly Spied Testing

    I really wouldn’t argue with an AWD Hybrid or PHEV version of the Maverick, but I want some more creature comforts, a panoramic moon roof, sync 4, a digital dash, or even blue cruise (that’s a long shot though).
  11. 📸 Spotted: Mystery New Maverick Model With High Clearance Off-Road Bumper and Tires

    Ooooooo if it’s what I think it is and what everyone else thinks this will be a hit!
  12. "letting go" (car looses all regen going down driveway)

    The engine will engage but not use fuel to divert some of the mechanical energy away if battery is full. I also found out after I had some concerns and it looks like the engine will also engage to keep some emissions equipment at the optimum temperature hot or cold.
  13. Maverick Hybrid XL - difference between Normal mode and Sport Mode?

    I love sport mode! lots of fun. The throttle responds much faster, and of course you accelerate quicker and The steering wheel gets a bit tighter as well for the sportier feel
  14. Instrument cluster display controls not workng

    I did the same thing when I bought mine, was about to turn around during my drive home after I picked the truck up but then discovered they center buttons toggle
  15. Maverick XL Hybrid Owners Info PLZ

    I love mine! I use Apple CarPlay so I don’t deal with the built in system much at all. Just a few more features that you honestly will rarely use for a couple grand more really isn’t worth it. Yeah the rims aren’t exactly the nicest but if you don’t like them you can get new ones.
  16. Major malfunction of drive system.

    Sounds like the exact same issue my dad had with his Powerboost f-150. It’s now being considered a lemon. The issues you had are almost the exact same, except the first few times it happened he still had engine power but not speedometer, then the last two times he had lost all engine power as well.
  17. Hybrid in hot weather

    I may do the same. It is looking like it’ll be even hotter this summer then last year when it hit 115
  18. Hybrid in hot weather

    I drive in Normal, sometimes sport but that’s it. Haven’t gone into sport in days
  19. Hybrid in hot weather

    Actually pretty decent, I did notice the last time I got gas from the start it was already pretty sluggish
  20. Hybrid in hot weather

    Well, I tried to and there is a cover plate so I am not able to. I think I might have gotten bad gas but I just don’t know.