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  1. Cargo and reverse LED buls

    Looking to get some led bulbs for the cargo light (3rd brake light) and reverse light. What LEDs are everyone using? I’m looking at doing the lasfit from my switchbacks but for their led cargo lights they are $30 is there similar options for less?
  2. Black lug nuts

    Looking to swap out the factory chrome lug nuts on my XLT wheels for black ones. I was thinking of getting the spline kind so I have some type of security. Can someone tell me what size lug nuts I would need?
  3. Aftermarket 6.5” component speakers set recommedation?

    I’m waiting for my XLT maverick to be built but have heard aloud about how the stock speakers aren’t that good. I’m looking to replace them with some 6.5” components and was wondering what everyone is using? Also where are you putting the 1” tweeter? Back in the dash like factory or would it be...