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  1. Dealer markup/non-markup list

    Any word from dealerships in St Louis?
  2. Possible 2023 Maverick Black Appearance Package contents (from Ranger BAP)

    I’d definitely add the black appearance package if available on my Cactus Grey XLT hybrid order.
  3. Anyone order from Pundmann Ford in St Charles?

    I’m in Creve Coeur. Little water in the basement but that’s it. Hope y’all are alright.
  4. Anyone order from Pundmann Ford in St Charles?

    I ordered my hybrid XLT lux on 9/21 and was wondering if anyone else ordered there’s through Pundmann and how your experience was. Still waiting and haven’t heard anything. I was wondering if they tried to add an adjustment to your order or if picking it up was easy peasy. Thanks!
  5. 2023 Maverick New Colors: Atlas Blue, Avalanche Gray

    Going to switch my Cactus Grey order to avalanche Grey. I think the avalanche would look better with all the black.
  6. Saw some transport damage on Maverick on dealer lot

    Which dealer in St. Louis had them?
  7. 📄 2022 Ford Maverick EcoBoost & Hybrid Reviews List & Videos Here!

    Glad I got something to read while my son is napping today
  8. My Maverick Tailgate Letters, Tailgate Assist, All-Weather Mats have arrived

    I plan on getting all of those, except the Letters in black, and the rear cab spoiler.
  9. If I order a Maverick now in September when might I get it?

    I ordered a Cactus Grey XLT lux 360 with sliding window and moonroof last Monday. Was told “hopefully” 6 months at the latest
  10. Your Maverick aftermarket plans

    Adding the black tailgate lettering and rear cab spoiler. Want to also tint the front windows and get weather tech floor mats.
  11. CACTUS GRAY Maverick Club

    Finally got to put an order in today after my wife approved. XLT hybrid Cactus Grey, 360, Moonroof, sliding rear window. I really hope I’m not waiting 6 months for it to arrive!
  12. Hard Roll-Up vs Tri-Fold Tonneau?

    I’m thinking about the Gator soft trifold. It’s under $300.