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  1. Where should I mount these emblems?

    I still do not understand why Ford didn't go with the "Ranchero" nameplate, as it was from the same era as the Maverick, and the Maverick is a direct call back to the same type of vehicle as the Ranchero.
  2. Thinking of cancelling Copilot 360 in build after seeing review.

    "Lane Assist" on all trims except for the Lariat trim with the luxury package is more of a suggestion. It'll slowly steer you back into your lane, but it might be too slow, and you'll ping pong from side to side, as it is not designed as aggressive as the "Lane Centering" system, which will keep...
  3. Is this a Maverick?

    No, that's a fish f150 now.
  4. Found a Maverick on the lot today...and I see why.

    I'll take it, if it has manual targeting override.
  5. One handed, decluttered Apple CarPlay/Android Auto

    I looked up a YouTube review on that multimedia box. Can the icons in the lower right of the home screen be changed out for a user's preferred common apps?
  6. The Maverick is the Prius for people who wouldn't be caught dead in a Prius!

    I've never understood the obsession with soy. Plus that whole sexuality thing, people seem to get angry when they find that women and I are just friends, and that I play for the other team. I think of it as twice as manly. I guess that just scares some men. 😁
  7. Found a Maverick on the lot today...and I see why.

    Dealers like this (saw "Haggerty Ford"), and more specifically the owners behind them, because they can just move onto another scam - need to be named and shamed, in a centralized list.
  8. Carvana selling 2022 Mavericks at sky high prices

    I don't know how definite it is or not, but I have ridden in that car, and he has babied it. He's one of those people that would very likely polish the car with a proverbial baby's diaper if he could, lol.
  9. Carvana selling 2022 Mavericks at sky high prices

    No, I mean Carfax. And yeah, I think they're smoking something over there if they think that a car with almost a quarter of a million miles on the clock is worth $20k.
  10. Carvana selling 2022 Mavericks at sky high prices

    Granted, it's not a Maverick, but Carfax just yesterday offered a friend of mine $20,180 for his 2018 Honda Accord 1.5L with... get this... 244,860 miles. Driving, for him, is relaxing. The car has already had its engine replaced a few months ago. I don't know if Carfax took that into account.
  11. What should Ford change on the 2023 / 2024 Maverick

    Fix the very low speed excessively sudden brake 'grabbiness' issue. Swap the rotary shifter for a set of hardware buttons on the dashboard. Resize the screen hood to fit the screen or upgrade to a screen that fills it completely. Upgrade the Sync 3 system to a Sync 4/4A system, or the upcoming...
  12. Options on a F-350 equal the base cost of an XL

    Yep, even a base hybrid F-150 (and I mean base, not a single option, crank windows, etc) costs more than two base Mavericks, $45,860 net price. Of course, you also get more truck for that money in some areas, such as an extra foot of length in the bed, a bigger interior, Sync 4, more complete...
  13. Cost to have someone add factory adaptive cruise/lane centering to an XL hybrid?

    That's an interesting idea on the type of shop, I hadn't considered them. I'll have to see if I can find some here local to me and pick their brains.
  14. Cost to have someone add factory adaptive cruise/lane centering to an XL hybrid?

    When you say "custom fab work", do you mean like a car audio type of shop? I've never had a vehicle that was worth modifying like this, so stuff like this is all new to me.
  15. Cost to have someone add factory adaptive cruise/lane centering to an XL hybrid?

    I'm still trying to decide between trims, and the cost difference between an XL and a Lariat Lux is around $8400 for my option choices, not including taxes. How much do you think that a shop (and what kind of shop?) would charge to install, calibrate, and test the stuff, if I provided parts? A...
  16. Setting to make Cruise Control default to the ON setting?

    Mind you, my last Ford was a 1996 model, however at least in that model, the cruise on and off buttons were separate from the set/accel, resume, and coast buttons. If you just pressed set/accel, nothing happened. If you tapped the on button first, or pressed it at the same time as the set/accel...
  17. Automatic Braking disengaging when door is opened

    For good reason. The coffee was way WAY hotter than even McDonald's own internal guidelines. The lady that sued them over that was seriously injured. Her skin was fused together. Further, she just wanted them to pay her medical bills, and they refused. People love to laugh about this case as a...
  18. Can't turn off fan

    Fear of oxygen deprivation? Is that like the thing where people in countries such as South Korea (and maybe others) believe that leaving fans running overnight in rooms where people are sleeping will somehow kill them by somehow removing the oxygen? Of course it's a physical impossibly for an...
  19. Interesting Article On Automotive Chips

    Interesting article. I fully expected that the abstraction that automakers had with hand-waving about "suppliers" would be something that they would have to drop and get more directly engaged in. "Ford has announced it will work with GlobalFoundries to secure its supply of chips. Mike Hogan...