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  1. How many Hybrid owners kicking the crap out of the EPA figures?

    Almost 3k miles, mostly highway and I'm averaging just under 44mpg.
  2. It is worth the wait?

    100% YES. If you can wait without losing your mind trying to track it every day and calling the dealer weekly and blaming everyone in the world that you don't have your truck. IF you're not that person then yes, it's 100% worth it!!
  3. Uncomfortable seat cushion fixes?

    Man, everyone who sits in my truck thinks it's super comfy!! I feel like I'm sitting in a lazyboy every time I drive it. At said, there are some seat covers that have thinker padding built into them. Not sure they have them for the Mav yet but worth a look
  4. Hybrid mpg

    Thanks! Great example early this week. I drove 12 miles form home to Sam's Club which is mostly highway (60mpg limit). The last mile and a half off the highway was pure electric and ended up at 61.5mpg.
  5. Does anybody have any idea how much a hybrid battery cost to replace?

    It's an entirely different technology than a regular car battery. You may not THINK it should cost that much but it does. I don't think a Ferrari should be $300k but that doesn't change the fact that it is. A Tesla Model S battery can be up to $20k to replace. Even if the owner doesn't think...
  6. Getting tired of waiting.....

    Congrats!!! You MIGHT be halfway there!!! If you are losing your mind and calling and chatting and blowing up the salesman, and calling again this is not the process for you. I waited 11 months and I was lucky. You may want to just go buy something off the lot and spare another 6+ months on...
  7. Hybrid mpg

    I've been averaging around 44mpg and I do mostly highway driving too. Running around town I can easily get into the low 60s. This thing is great!
  8. Id rather have a PHEV Maverick

    I was in the same boat and was going to hold on to my Hybrid until the PHEV came out and then trade it in. Now that I have the Hybrid and know that I can get 44mpg every day on the highway with it, I don't think I will be upgrading. Will I sell out when a full electric comes out? Maybe...
  9. Cost to have someone add factory adaptive cruise/lane centering to an XL hybrid?

    100% agreed For the price of parts and labor, just get the Lariat. If you REALLY want an XL for some reason than go for it and try and get the ACC added. A Lariat is still a cheap truck when all is said and done.
  10. Cost to have someone add factory adaptive cruise/lane centering to an XL hybrid?

    Maybe! They would be used to running the wiring so that would be somewhere to look. I was thinking more of shops that customize cars, shops that look outside the box instead of a regular repair shop. Normally custom shops think that anything is possible so they would be more willing to try...
  11. Id rather have a PHEV Maverick

    I would rather have a Porsche Taycan GTS Sport Turismo but we all can't be winners kiddo 🤪
  12. Cost to have someone add factory adaptive cruise/lane centering to an XL hybrid?

    It would really depend on the shop. Calling around in your area would give you the best idea of the interest level of who would even be willing to do something like this. I would think a shop that does more custom fab work would be more willing than your average oil change and tire shop.
  13. Should I take delivery or wait for 2023?

    Ill manufactures have recalls, it's just a part of life. Nothing is perfect so don't except it to be. The more tech they shove into the vehicle the more issues it may have. If you want a truck that gets 40+mpg than it will have a LOT of electronics and new tech in it. That comes with the...
  14. Gotta shout out a Big Thanks to Real Truck!

    You message them direct through the forum with the order you want to place and they tell you what the discounted price will be. They are great to work with and the prices are unbeatable.
  15. Powered Sub & Rear Speaker Install in Maverick Hybrid [Video: How to Wire Amp, Subwoofer, Speakers]

    I am looking to replace the rear speakers in my Lariat at well so thank you for the brand suggestion. I do have a question if you're a stereo guy. If I wanted to add a powered sub behind or under the rear seat would you tap the factory sub or tap the rear speakers? I see so many right ups for...
  16. Tell Me Your Ordering Experience

    Ordered my truck July 15th 2021, got an email at the middle of April telling me I had a build date. Got an email May 25th saying it was build and ready to ship. Got a call from the dealer June 14th saying it was ready to pickup. Never called Ford or my dealer for updates, it wouldn't make a...
  17. First week with Hybrid Lariat Lux

    I have just over 2,000 miles on my Hybrid Lariat Lux and I feel the same, its GREAT! I drive mostly highway and I am still averaging over 44mpg total. Way better than I ever expected. I do agree with the center console lid comment, just a couple inches forward would be great. Also agree with...
  18. Tint match done: 20% front windows and a 5% strip across the front

    Not sure, it was just done 2 hours ago lol. I have 20% on my last two cars as well and I never had an issue so I assume it will be the same on the Maverick
  19. Tint match done: 20% front windows and a 5% strip across the front

    My tint guy came out to measure the factory tint on the rear windows and it measured out at 23%. So I did 20% on the front windows and a 5% strip across the front. Looks awesome and I'm super happy with it. Before you ask..... No, it's not ceramic. I live in Ohio so sun and heat isn't the...