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  1. Mods for the 2.0?

    Really would like to see a slightly larger turbo upgrade and better flowing DP. Im actually considering buying a new turbo assembly from Ford and having the housing ported and a slightly larger wheel assembly installed for better flow... Just antsy to make more power, Currently running a 93 oct...
  2. 3rd Brake Light replacement- need opinions

    Lol... while I do like my new Lasfit leds... bro, they are ALL made in China. Sad truth....
  3. Maverick Tremor Official Release! – Specs, Pics, Videos. Priced @ $2,995

    Well... lol, it does have the led halo and small led light like your Lariat..but in a black accent housing. I'll be ordering these tail lights as soon as a vin becomes available.
  4. Adding Paddle Shifters

    Made a lil progress. Gears now show actively switching when driving and in Sport Mode the digital rpm gauge now becomes the gear display. ;). Will update later when I get further along. Top pic is what the cluster showed before.... just the giant D... bottom pic shows now.
  5. Hate the electronic gear

    I honestly didn't look at the cluster display because I swapped to an Escape all digital cluster. Pretty sure on the oem Maverick cluster you should be able to change it though. ;)
  6. How To: Sync 3/4 swap for non Sync 3 XL/XLT

    How do you know its from AA? I have this in my cluster and I'm still sync3 until my sync 4 conversion is compete. It's nav repeater.
  7. How To: Sync 3/4 swap for non Sync 3 XL/XLT

    Did you just save your original As-Built data from your sync 3 and load in into the sync 4 apim?
  8. Full digital gauge cluster from Ford Escape swap into Maverick

    Funny...other than no traction control on/off... I have no issues/ all. Is the cluster properly programmed with your base as-built data and THEN tweeked for any additional cluster functions?
  9. Adding Paddle Shifters

    Been really busy so I haven't had much time to work this out but I think I can work in some time next weekend. Most, if not all, will be extremely surprised by what needs to be done. I cannot say this part enough. According to my initial research, which I trust... this is a more "involved"...
  10. Boomba Racing Forum Introduction

    Very nice! Excited. I used several Boomba products back in the day on my 2004 Dodge Neon SRT-4. HIGHLY interested in Cerakoting services!!!
  11. Upgrading the Maverick B&O Sound System - DIY Howto

    Thanks, I wouldn't be modifying the vehicle's electrical side. I built a harness that is specific to the Maverick that requires no trimming of anything because I used the correct Molex connectors in my harness build. Don't mind me. Just thinking out loud...
  12. Making a DIY Strut Bar for the Ford Maverick

    100% applaud your creativity! It's refreshing to see the ingenuity. I flirted with this idea for a STB and was considering a multi point attachment for rigidity. Who knows what may come of it BUT your passion is amazing! Thanks for sharing. The formatting alone of that video must have been...
  13. Just a guy and his Maverick!

    Long live the mini truck revolution! Excited for what this little truck is, can be, and in the hands of some really visioned creators....will be! I'm on my path. Let's see where it leads me. Can't wait to see what each of you have in plans for yours!
  14. Upgrading the Maverick B&O Sound System - DIY Howto

    I guess the PAC APH-FD02 is the closest bypass harness for the B&O system in the Maverick... it isn't idea by any stretch. The connector at the amp uses a black Molex 20 pin connector and the amplified harness bypass adapter uses a grey 20 pin male and female Te Connectivity connectors...
  15. Hate the electronic gear

    It takes some getting used to BUT I like mine.
  16. Upgrading the Maverick B&O Sound System - DIY Howto

    Since you went with components, why not use the passive x-over with the front door speakers and the tweeters? Or did I miss something. I like the direction you have gone with the use of the small footprint amps!