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  1. I can't believe I got a Maverick

    I will be going from my daily 2016 GTI so it will be a smidgen different as well just the opposite direction. Glad your liking it, I will hopefully be seeing mine in September/October :)
  2. Fitting bike in the bed

    Oh yeah that $12 dollar extra bit of hardware to anchor it down seems well worth the cost and time. Especially if going long distance I wouldn't want to see my beloved bike jostling side to side. Once again great modification. I totally took notes for when my maverick arrives.
  3. Fitting bike in the bed

    I really like this mod to fords suggested design I was thinking of doing the same cause I did not like the idea of it possibly bouncing around either. Thanks for the idea!
  4. I can't believe I got a Maverick

    Congratulations on your new vehicle, how do you like it so far?
  5. Easy Vehicle To Modify

    Very cool, thanks! I will probably wind up doing something similar when and if mine arrives. :)
  6. Easy Vehicle To Modify

    I know it has been a hot minute since this was posted but I really like the orange accent idea! I might like to try it when my Maverick hopefully shows up next month. Did one pack of the 5m of pinstripe accent do it for you or did you use multiple packs? I also wonder how its holding up since...
  7. Maverick TREMOR Off-Road Package Details Revealed (Then Pulled)!

    Was wondering when the twin clutch rear would make an appearance, there it be.
  8. 19" Rotiform BUC-M wheels on Velocity Blue XL Maverick

    I know one showed up at the car show my church, and people were very interested to see it.
  9. 19" Rotiform BUC-M wheels on Velocity Blue XL Maverick

    I have not received mine yet. I have a little over a month to wait for my velocity blue XLT. I do frequent car shows with my Beetle and the MX-5. Its not perfect and I do get some flak from time to time "Oh its just a super beetle 😒". 98% of the people you find at car shows are just happy to see...
  10. 19" Rotiform BUC-M wheels on Velocity Blue XL Maverick

    It does not matter what you take to a car show, as long as you take pride in your vehicle. By all means show away. Anyone that tells you it is not worth it well, that is their prerogative. I have met some of my best car buddies at shows and meets and they all don't have the best in show. Have...
  11. Seems Ford messed up my order.

    Pretty much, thankfully I have a build date now and probably wont have to wait for a 2023
  12. Tool box storage behind rear seats

    I really like the tool roll idea, I have the largest Harbor freight tool set and they look like much better quality than the one OP posted. The tool roll shopping spree idea I like better.
  13. Is Co-pilot 360 Worth The Wait?

    The way I look at it is if it prevents even one accident or assists in any way, then it is worth it. I never had these features before but I am not closed to the idea. Im patiently waiting for my scheduled build and I am sure it would have gotten here if I axed the 360. Patience is a virtue I...
  14. Maverick vs Golf + F150

    It really just dwells down to your needs and for everyone it is different I plan to be getting rid of my 2016 Golf GTI as my daily when the Maverick arrives. I don't have a fully loaded GTI so the Maverick actually has some stuff my GTI does not like automated braking, blind spot and the 360...
  15. My tracker page not showing some options

    Yeah it seems you and I have a similar issue. I am pretty sure it is just a website fluke and really hope it is. Would suck after all that waiting but I verified my info with the dealer and they checked it out so I have a bit of confidence.
  16. My tracker page not showing some options

    The same thing happened to me last week when I got my VIN, the site did not have the LUX package listed but some of the things that came with the package were in some off the odd ball categories. So I got with my dealer and they verified everything that is ordered. I think it is just the way the...
  17. Song game thread

    I Don't want to set the world on fire - The Ink Spots. Just because I am a huge Fallout nerd ._.
  18. Why Miata and not S2000?

    As someone that owns a Miata/MX-5 I will just throw my 2 cents in. They just did it right, Mazda made a car that anyone could afford. It is a well balanced car and has enough power to make it fun in the turns but not enough to kill yourself. Granted you can make them fast if your willing but...
  19. Seatbelt Scratches

    I have heard this somewhere else on the forum, I have not received my Maverick yet but I think it wouldn't be a bad idea to put something like vinyl or maybe some color matched felt to dampen the blow.
  20. Have any of you replaced the rotary shifter with a normal one? ?

    Would I like a proper shifter yes, but I can live with the Rotary shifter. Having paddle shifters to select gears would be nice though for those times it would be nice to be in a lower gear I do not have mine yet so I am not sure the range that the low "L" button is for descending hills or...