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  1. Are switching from Hybrid to EB for your rollover 2023 order?

    There doesn't seem to be anything happening to resolve Ford's ability to build more hybrids. Is it time to give up and order an EB instead?
  2. Maverick now starts at $20,995 per Ford's website

    Just noticed this on Ford's website. Not that you can buy one anyway
  3. Available Maverick in Connecticut

    I noticed that Hoffman Ford in East Hartford CT has an Area 51 Maverick AWD XLT Lux with a sunroof available for sale. Sticker is $31,750, and they've got it listed online for $34,999.
  4. Did You Change Your Order?

    Did you change your order due to the constraints on XLT Lux, Lariat Lux, and CP360?
  5. Hybrid Orders Still Unscheduled

    Select the month you placed your order
  6. Upgrading the Backup Camera

    I've seen multiple complaints that the backup camera is not great quality, so I was thinking can the camera be upgraded? I checked on Ford's parts website, and the part number for a Maverick rear camera seems to be the exact same part number as for the Lincoln Corsair and Aviator. So if the...
  7. Would you want a Maverick Raptor or Maverick RS?

    Does a Maverick Raptor even make sense? Can this platform be turned into a real off road machine? Or does an RS version make more sense, stealing bits from the Focus RS?