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  1. Shipping times from Mexico to South Central PA?

    Mine took about 4 weeks to arrive in Upstate/Central NY. Ford tracker gave me an estimated date of 7/26-8/1 (so 6 weeks) but it was 2 weeks faster. I happened to check the tracker on Wednesday 7/13 and it said delivered - dealer confirmed the next day and that Friday I drove it home.
  2. Got my Maverick! I haven't enjoyed owning a new vehicle as much since my new 1973 SAAB 99 way back when...

    Looking sharp! I have the same trim and color, but AWD Eco instead of Hybrid. Only averaging 25-26 MPG (about 50/50 city/highway driving) but the acceleration in this thing is fun. I upgraded from a Subaru Crosstrek, so 150 -> 250 HP. Considering I got around 29 MPG in the Crosstrek I'm happy. I...
  3. A Detailers Maverick Experience: Thin Paint, Ceramic Coating, Etc.

    Does choice of paint color make a difference? For example my Hot Pepper Red, called a "tri-coat" - would that appreciably increase the paint thickness?
  4. Maverick Tremor Official Release! – Specs, Pics, Videos. Priced @ $2,995

    My post was meant in jest - lots of people have been asking for fog lights, especially since on the non-FX4 pkg it's just dead space. Fog lights are also better in some situations than headlights, in least in my limited experience.
  5. Maverick Tremor Official Release! – Specs, Pics, Videos. Priced @ $2,995

    In before "No fog lights??" and "No LED tail/turn lights??".
  6. Maverick TREMOR Off-Road Package Details Revealed (Then Pulled)!

    Looks sharp - I agree a Hybrid Tremor kind of tickles my sweet spot (ooh lala), but it may be a while before we see that. I'm averaging 25 MPG so far in my AWD Eco but I have a bit of a heavy foot... it just rides so smooth - I was going with the flow of traffic on the highway and found I was a...
  7. Bak Revolver X4S Hard Rollup Installed on Lariat Hybrid - impressions review

    Yes been to highway speeds, no rattles or movement even with the missing corner piece. Company responded and asked for shipping address. I wish someone could develop a better solution for those corner tabs - maybe I'll superglue them on. Are the levelers the tabs? Nothing seems in the way...
  8. Bak Revolver X4S Hard Rollup Installed on Lariat Hybrid - impressions review

    Just installed my BAK x4s last night, this happened to me as well (same side also) - e-mailed the company, I'm not too concerned. Very easy to install; you could do it solo but my father helped me, as he also helped me install my first tonneau cover 20 years ago - that one involved drilling...
  9. Confirmed: No Temperature Readouts on Dial for MY23 or any MY22 not already built

    Nice work! I doubt I'll do the swap, I've gotten used to it as-is, but nice to know it's that easy. Well when someone gets a "Lariat Luxury" package I kind of WANT all of the fancy dials... but as said above it doesn't bother me in this case. Bigger screen would have been nice..
  10. Wiper Blade Specs

    Amazon is saying the Rain-X 5079278-2 Latitude 2-in-1 Wiper Blade 21" fits for Passenger, and 22" for driver. I tried to post a link but it's not working - search for B015JTJQTM Ordering now as I've been looking for RainX options, I love them in winter. OEM have been fine through some rain...
  11. Lariat Lux Orders

    See sig - ordered 10/26/21, production e-mail rec'd 4/22/22, 'built' 6/14/22, delivered 7/13/22. Quite happy with it, though only averaging about 25 MPG, roughly 50/50 city/highway driving. I'm sure the dealer only put 87 fuel in, will try premium in the next fill-up. I debated on splurging on...
  12. Ford Maverick Tremor (Atlas Blue) - Not the same article

    They drug test for Coke, not Pepsi.
  13. Ford Maverick Tremor Spied Fully Revealed! 📸

    Yes, that bumper looks nice.. except I don't have an FX4 so likely not. Maybe in 2-3 years, trade in my '22 Lariat for a new Maverick AWD Hybrid FX4 Tremor? :cool:
  14. New York Mavericks!!

    Steet-Ponte Ford in Yorkville - smaller family-owned dealer. I don't want to post the Salesman's name here but if someone sends me a PM I'll share it. They also had an F150 Lightning on the lot, as a "service loaner" if you can believe it. He offered to let me take it for a spin - I finally...
  15. Button above side mirror adjustments?

    Thanks you two - must have missed it in the manual.
  16. Button above side mirror adjustments?

    I tried searching, AND looking through the owner's manual, can't find an answer... What does THIS button do (red box below)? I'm able to click it but I don't see that anything changes. This is on a Lariat Lux - maybe it dims at night for glare? There is an icon on it, hidden by the up arrow...
  17. New York Mavericks!!

    2015 Subaru Crosstrek trade-in on the left, 2022 Ford Maverick on the right (image swapped that's why logos are off) - Only have about 17 miles in but it's a joy to drive. Need to be careful of how quickly it accelerates, this thing like lead to my first speeding ticket.. I don't like the...
  18. New York Mavericks!!

    Quoting myself to say that the tracker said the Mav was "in Final Preparation" at the dealer - called today and confirmed it was there. Stopped by to test drive, and hoping to pick up tomorrow (finance guy left for the day, but it was already late). Going from a Subaru Crosstrek and the Mav is...
  19. New York Mavericks!!

    My Maverick is still in transit.. stopped by dealer yesterday, was kind of wanting the railcar # but the print-out they gave me didn't list it. It shows the VIN, and there is a 'Primary' status of "In Transit" and a 'Secondary' status of "Received" - any idea what those mean? It also says...
  20. Mavericks make their Wedding Debut

    Great picture! Did everyone go see Top Gun: Maverick after? 🤪