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  1. 2023 Ford Maverick Production Start Date Pushed Back Several Weeks

    I'd rather order a mid-size truck if the price increase is that high. Hybrid or not.
  2. Found a Maverick on the lot today...and I see why.

    Yeah. I’ve seen the same around some lots. I don’t care if they come down to MSRP. Those cars are just rotting away and getting flat spots on the tires from how long they’re sitting
  3. Are Hybrids named wrong?

    People also bought more quarter pounders over A&W’s third pounder burgers because they thought a quarter was bigger than a third. I know what hybrids can do these days and its honestly the best option for my life. Affordable small truck that gets great mileage is absolutely perfect. Throw in...
  4. Possible 2023 Maverick Black Appearance Package contents (from Ranger BAP)

    I’m going to give a guess at all the Black Appearance package parts: Black wheels (confirmed) Black headlights and taillights from the Tremor package Black Ford emblems Blacked out badging.
  5. Ford just gave Hybrid buyers the middle finger.

    I would guess that they are waiting for more Hybrid batteries or maybe even the E-CVTs to be produced and their quote was in time for MY2023 builds. I could see them having some remaining parts, but if you have plenty of Ecoboost orders to fulfill until the MY switch, why not just churn those out?
  6. Maverick Tremor Official Release! – Specs, Pics, Videos. Priced @ $2,995

    Must….resist….buying….a package that I will rarely use. It looks so good though!
  7. To the owner of the bagged Alto Blue Lariat

    Yeah that’s was 100% his old truck. It looked amazing.
  8. AWD Maverick Lowered on Air Bag Suspension and 22" Wheels

    Aye! Was that you on I-40 in Arkansas earlier today?
  9. Maverick TREMOR Off-Road Package Details Revealed (Then Pulled)!

    True! I just wouldn’t bring my daily commuter out there. I think that’s where the Tremor has its appeal. Like the BS Badlands and Cherokee Trailhawk, it can get you pretty far out there on some trails but is also a decent commuter car too.
  10. Maverick TREMOR Off-Road Package Details Revealed (Then Pulled)!

    Yeah, that’s definitely extreme for the BS and Maverick. How is that considered a trail?
  11. To the owner of the bagged Alto Blue Lariat

    To the owner of the bagged Alto Blue Lariat traveling on I-40 through Arkansas this morning, YOUR TRUCK LOOKS SICK!! The color matched parts really looked great and I think I’m going to buy the tailgate spoiler when I finally order my truck after finally seeing on in person. I sure hope...
  12. Hybrid Off-Road Trip Report From Colorado

    I’ve taken a stock Sebring deep enough through trails that I rolled up on a family on four wheelers. I’m sure the Maverick will be perfectly capable for basic jaunts through some fire roads. Adding a more all-terrain tire would help even more.
  13. Opinions on options for MY 2023 Hybrid order

    I'm adding the tow hitch and 4-pin connector to my Hybrid. For $100, it looks like a no-brainer just to have the extra capability.
  14. Upgrading 400W inverter possible?

    I’d use that cubby hole more than the 400W power so I looking at either a 2000W generator or power station.
  15. $2750 headlight assembly replacement for Lariat

    @Mrboom_5.0 can you confirm the headlight construction?
  16. Delete

    I’m not worried one bit, if you’re familiar with manufacturing at all, this problem is already going to be fixed for 2023. Crazy things happen and a skipped over spec in the builds isn’t uncommon.
  17. I think I have my 2023 order ready for August 2nd

    Wooo! I sure hope I don’t get turned over to a 2024 model! 😅 I don’t mind waiting until early 2023, I was skeptical of the truck until I saw one in person and now that’s the only one I want. (Shhh. Don’t tell the dealership that!)
  18. I think I have my 2023 order ready for August 2nd

    Oooo Eruption Green would look awesome!
  19. I think I have my 2023 order ready for August 2nd

    I chose the Lariat with no lux package because all the stuff I wanted was in the standard trim. I was going to spec out an XLT Hybrid with the Lux package and Co-Pilot, but I felt like having three constraints would just put me WAY far out from getting built.