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  1. Hybrids with 235/65R17: Impressions?

    Hello Pacman , bought a set of 235/65/R17 s from a Maverick club brother down in Huntsville Alabama. My hybrid XLT came with a set of crappy Continentals 225/65/R17s have had three sets of them sorry but I do not like them at all. ☹️ Put them on my Maverick when it had about 400 miles on it...
  2. Are Hybrids named wrong?

    Well my question has always been if you can charge a regular battery in a vehicle and you can charge a hybrid battery in a hybrid vehicle WHY CAN YOU NOT 100% CHARGE A FULLY ELECTRIC VEHICLE THE SAME WAY THEY DO IT WITH WIND , SOLAR AND HYDROELECTRIC ALL THREE MAKE ELECTRICITY. A vehicle has the...
  3. Hybrid or EcoBoost?

    Definitely hybrid. I've only had my and a half weeks and put about 800 miles on it have had a high between 44 and 48 mph has plenty of power no problem at all must have passed semis in cars on the freeway no problem at all once I let the air pressure down on the tires right very good comfortable...
  4. Official bulletin: reorders and 2022's. 2023 order banks open September further confirmed

    Well I maybe wrong but it looks like all of us 22s to 23s hold overs will be a year plus how many months looks like the Bronco al over again . In sorry I guess I'm just a dumb Hillbilly I do not understand 🤔
  5. Have you seen any Mavericks in your town?

    In the last year I have seen six Mavericks in the Wild. 1. In Huntsville Alabama the. Gentleman I bought my bigger tires from for my Maverick. 2. I have seen two in Paris Tennessee. 3. I have seen two in Murray Kentucky gave the Maverick wave to her 🤟 . 4 Also seen one in Paducah...
  6. Maverick letters on Alto Blue

    Love those letters 😀👍
  7. Ford OEM tailgate letters

    I've waited almost a year from my truck and I bought a few accessories in that time one of them was the metal either stainless steel or Chrome letters from Ford from my Maverick and I love the way they look on the back tailgate Ford should do something with the letters on the tailgate on their...
  8. Is Co-pilot 360 Worth The Wait?

    I will answer your question with a question how much is your life worth how much is your family's life worth how much are your loved ones life worth that should answer your question if it's worth the wait I will be held over to a 23 because I have the co-pilot 360 on my XL to me it's definitely...
  9. One Year Club 🤔 !!!

    That's a good question ?? I hope none because look would happen with the Bronco. Only been 6 months for me .
  10. Maverick Merchandise Stickers Shirts Ect.

    I See this has been asked before why no communication Administration just doesn't make no sense I wonder why ??🤔
  11. Your best shot: Photos showcasing exterior colors.

    Probably won't get mine until the 23 come out as I ordered on the 15th of January. XL EGO with some options. Not my pic but Tim will get me a set of Bronco SPORT Take Offs 😎
  12. Wyoming Anyone Have Falken Wildpeak A/T Trail Tires, Fuel Mileage effected?

    I'm sorry can not tell you Exact mileage difference. I have three sets of them one on a 2015 Chevy Silverado Z71 crew cab I love them on the truck in the snow, mud or wet grass I replaced the Goodyear Wranglers with the Falcons they were great tires still have some tread left but very slippery...
  13. Hybrids Available for $22,000

    Something Very funny and everyone has four miles on it .????🤔🔍❔☠
  14. Tow Package

    And well worth the money different gear ratio coolers for the transmission an engine the suspension is a little different beefs the truck up alot. I always have a towing package or a snow plow package put on my trucks even if I don't plan to tow nothing it's good insurance to prolong the life of...
  15. Good news for those whose order gets pushed to 2023 model year

    A XL does not have the push button entry on the door for a 150.00 the dealer will put the push button entry on your door so you don't have to use your keys or leave your keys in the truck go hunting, play in the snow or whatever and don't have to worry about losing your keys just push the code...
  16. Good news for those whose order gets pushed to 2023 model year

    I dont know Maybe it's good to get pushed to a 23. Hopefully get some of the bugs out, Maybe some new colors, Price price lock-in? Maybe a couple more options. I don't know I've got an XL eco boost all-wheel drive 4K tow package 360 Copilot and push button entry ordered January 15th 2022 from...
  17. 2022 Maverick Jaco Edition Build

    Love the MAVERICK graphics on both sides. Hot looking truck all in all👍
  18. Seriously about to lose my mind waiting on this truck.

    I understand exactly what you guys are saying I have ordered two Mavericks the first one I ordered August 10th hybrid the second one I've ordered January 15th ego boost because I don't think I'm going to get my hybrid and for these people I'm sorry I'm just being honest to defend Ford a...
  19. 🗓 Update: 2023 Maverick ordering opens August 15 (Hybrid) & August 25 (Gas). Production begins October 24 (All Models)

    Hey Tim how long do you think they will continue to build the 22 Mavericks up to August or what do you think?
  20. Carbonized Gray Maverick Pinewood Derby Car

    That's very Sharp 👍☺ My Truck on order.