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  1. Song game thread

    Darn, that was quick!
  2. Song game thread

    Here Comes The Rain Again - Eurythmics
  3. Song game thread

    I Am Waiting - Yes
  4. Song game thread

    Stuck In The Middle With You - Stealers Wheel
  5. Song game thread

    Love Like Winter - AFI
  6. Song game thread

    My Favorite Mistake - Cheryl Crow
  7. Song game thread

    Locked In The Trunk Of A Car - The Tragically Hip
  8. Song game thread

    Enjoy The Silence - Depeche Mode
  9. Found a Maverick on the lot today...and I see why.

    You can only hope when the market adjusts many of those dealerships are stuck with vehicles they, themselves, paid too much for in hopes of gouging someone in need of a vehicle and can't sell because nobody is willing to be robbed at pen point for a vehicle they can order and wait most of a year...
  10. Song game thread

    She Sells Sanctuary - The Cult
  11. Song game thread

    A Night Like This - The Cure
  12. Song game thread

    Love Like Winter - AFI
  13. Song game thread

    November Rain - Guns and Roses
  14. Song game thread

    Can't Stop - Red Hot Chili Peppers
  15. Experienced "Stop Safely Now" issue on freeway

    Without knowing what code(s) might have been set into the computer it's only speculation as to what might have occurred. Often, if you let a vehicle sit for a few minutes a glitch might reset itself, but being that the MIL lamp came on immediately it's likely more an issue which is remaining...
  16. Tail Light Popping Out

    Often a combination of both. I haven't looked at the catalogue to see the hardware used on the Maverick, but often you have screws that lock them into place, but they typically have inserts that something on the housing snaps into first. I imagine if the fit into the retainer which clips into...
  17. I can't believe I got a Maverick

    Don't blame Ford for the greedy dealerships. They've been railing against these practices, as has some other manufacturers. Most are also making killings on used vehicles, and in my book that's just unethical. Sure, they may have to pay more for them in the auctions and elsewhere, but some of...
  18. Patience is a fool. Never again.

    You're not far off of a coworker who ordered in October and hadn't even received a build date until just a couple weeks ago. They got the letter to consider ordering a '23, then were told the next day that the VIN was received and it was a go for the same week as yours. Another coworker had...
  19. OXFORD WHITE Maverick Club

    I have thought about white for a while also, but when I pull into work and park next to a couple white F150s which arrived for a fleet, and they've been sitting there a couple days, I see a trail of dust where rain water has run down the sides and it just sort turns me off. I've had multiple...
  20. Ford and GM Price Increases Article - Whew

    I recall a salesman telling me several months ago he had to tell a customer the Super Duty he ordered had gone up $1500 dollars and he still wasn't going to see it arrive any sooner than the unknown ETA it already had. No surprise there, and all the while the parts are going up too, as well as...