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  1. Hybrid in hot weather

    So we’ve recently had some hot days (95 +) and after the engine heats up to operating temp, it is having a bit of trouble accelerating and the engine revs much higher then it usually does. Haas anyone had the same issues? Thanks!
  2. Thought I’d seen it all. 12k ADM markup!

    I was in Upland today and decided to swing by the local Ford dealer to see the Maverick they have in stock, I get there and they have marked it up $12,000! It was almost $50,000 for a Maverick! Now I get why people call them “stealerships”. And to make it worse, some poor guy actually bought it...
  3. Maverick Owner's Manual / Oreos Thins Promotion

    Official Ford Press Release: Cookie thieves beware! Ford has teamed up with Oreo Thins, the ultimate cookie for adults, to launch the “Oreo Thins Protection Program” to take cookie-hiding to new heights by creating a collection of specially designed camouflaged packs that allow cookies to be...