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  1. Tint match done: 20% front windows and a 5% strip across the front

    My tint guy came out to measure the factory tint on the rear windows and it measured out at 23%. So I did 20% on the front windows and a 5% strip across the front. Looks awesome and I'm super happy with it. Before you ask..... No, it's not ceramic. I live in Ohio so sun and heat isn't the...
  2. Graphene coating is amaaaaazing

    Just got my truck back from getting a Graphene coating done on the paint, glass and wheels. Looks unbelievable
  3. Installed Gator soft tri fold cover

    This cover is great for the money! I wanted something that didn’t install rails in the bed (since it’s small enough already) and something that could be quickly removed. Install was under 10mins and it looks great.
  4. Lane Centering without cruise?

    I have a Lariat Hybrid with Lux and 360 and really want to use the Lane Centering without having to have the cruise control on. Yes I know Lane Keep still works but that kinda sucks. Can ForScan enable this??
  5. Lane Keep only works with cruise on?

    I don't even have 100 miles on the truck so I'm still figuring it all out. Took it on the highway today and the lane keep seemed to shut off when I took the cruise control off. Is this right? If so is there a way around it?
  6. Finally Here!

    1 day shy of 11 months my Maverick is finally here. Love it so far! Hybrid Lariat with everything but the sunroof. Payed MSRP at Montrose Ford
  7. Painted or dipped Lariat wheels

    Has anyone painted it dipped their Lariat wheels yet?? Thinking about getting them powder coated black or a dark graphite color. Anyone do it yet?!?!
  8. Gas tips

    Just saw this online and wanted to share. Interesting info I didn’t know ⛽ TIPS ON PUMPING GAS THAT WILL SAVE YOU $$$ “I don't know what you guys are paying for gasoline.... but here in California we are paying up to $5.75 to $7 per gallon. My line of work is in petroleum for about 31 years...