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  1. Just a guy and his Maverick!

    Long live the mini truck revolution! Excited for what this little truck is, can be, and in the hands of some really visioned creators....will be! I'm on my path. Let's see where it leads me. Can't wait to see what each of you have in plans for yours!
  2. 12" "Screen" Because Its Whats Next! ;)

    8" is fine but the oem 12" will be a much better center piece in the Maverick! ;)
  3. Quick Cruise By The Lake.

    Great moment for a pic of the new look. Really enjoying the newest stable mate! Just getting started with this one. Some crazy stuff in the plans!
  4. New wheels arrived today!

    I love the look of the new wheels... could have even gone slightly wider on the tires. 255/30/22 but could clear a 265 series 22" tire Wheels are 22x9 +40et....and fit perfectly, nearly flush with the fenders. The custom coilovers are about 30 days out but they will replace the H&R Escape AWD...
  5. No Reason. Had to See How It Came Apart.

    Just curious how easily it comes apart and how everything is know, for future reference. ;)
  6. 2020 Explorer ST Steering Wheel installed

    Installed new 2020 Explorer ST steering wheel. Not bad and looks great...feels very similar to a Raptor wheel. Hefty compared to the stock Maverick steering wheel. I also bought an Explorer steering wheel from a Limited. See pic. The ST wheel has perforation on the sides and is flat along the...
  7. Turbo Smart BOV / Panda Motorworks arrived

    My new Turbo Smart BOV from Panda Motorworks arrived today. Will get it installed when the new intake from BC Raceworks arrives early next week. **Yes I'm aware there are ZERO gains from this intake. It's mostly for looks so it's getting thermo Cerakoted** It's only money. ;)
  8. Maverick Lariat Lux pkg lowered on AWD Escape H&R Springs

    Got around to lowering my Maverick over the weekend. Waiting on wheels and tires to arrive hopefully soon. Like the look and the ride is good. Still, I think another 3/4"-1" in the front will be perfect. Waiting to see if anyone offers front coilovers soon. Easy install but be aware..front strut...
  9. New Member New Owner 2022 Lariat Lux

    Hello to everyone. New to this group but not New to Ford. In addition to my New 2022 Maverick Lariat AWD eco, I also own a 2016 F150 XLT crew cab and a 2021 F150 XLT rcsb. As soon as the order banks open for the new 2023 Ranger I plan to order I guess I will have a stable of Fords...