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  1. '22 Production Extended

    No doubt mentioned already but worthy of an independent post regardless, methinks.
  2. World's Tiniest Mod

    Recently installed a dual USB port whatchamacallit in the cigarette lighter receptacle. Purposely chose a model with only an understated blue ring lighting its perimeter and no digital display, however have need of only one of the USB slots. While can understand why the ports are illuminated...
  3. Your turn to wait, Mr. or Ms Dealer

    Took the Maverick home from the dealer March 21. July 12, received a card in the mail from the dealer stating that "according to their records" the vehicle is coming due for a 5000 miles maintenance servicing. In reality, just a smidgen over 222 miles total on the odometer as of July 12. Still...
  4. Two Newer Reviews + A Bonus

    Couple of videos with which to pass the time. 1) Let's all meet back here in 2032 and check, okay? 2) Valid, if less crucial, points. Over time what is initially deemed cumbersome may morph into becoming second nature. And a bonus just for fun (video in Spanish). Does that exterior...
  5. Canada Calling XLT Hybrid Review

    XLT hybrid. Nothing much we haven't seen before. But they're sure a buoyant couple.
  6. (Not Exactly Stop the Presses News): Universal Woes in Auto Industry

    Water is wet, sky is blue, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. High prices, low inventory, a new norm for car shoppers
  7. 1st Bath

    Done and done. 1) Rinse off any loose surface grime and debris, hand wash, rinse again, towel dry. 2) Apply spray ceramic coat. Following spray bottle instructions for initial application: two applications, 24 hours apart. The spray is, frankly, magical. Trick is to spritz it very sparingly...
  8. Hybrid Lariat 5000 Mile MPG Overview

    Not me, not my vehicle, just something happened to find online while scooting here and there on the 'net.
  9. Little upgrades: Steering wheel cover w/ Area 51 stitching & more

    1) Steering wheel cover with dashboard blue/Area 51 accents 2) Screen cubby disguise in matching dashboard blue. May leave it as is, or stick on magnets, or possibly use mini S hooks or even maybe even use it a ball point pen and pencil holder. Used a leftover piece from installing door edge...
  10. Maverick sí, BMW no

  11. April 27 reminder

    Reminder that Ford's latest Maverick public relations dog and pony show is today at 7 p.m. Eastern time. Set expectations for any substantive information to low, IMHO.
  12. Door Edge Guards Installed

    Around the edge and curving around to run across the bottom of the front doors. With my lifestyle don't anticipate ever having passengers in the back seat who will be opening the rear doors from the inside of the cab. Little protection against being on the receiving end of dings, mostly for...
  13. Dear Diary: Day 18 mini-review

    Don't do all that much driving anymore. Slightly shy of three weeks after taking ownership and now with around 60 miles total on the road, a few minor eccentricities which fall into the 'will eventually learn to live with it but would it were otherwise' category: 1) Headlight switch defaults to...
  14. Chipping away production

    Tesla, BMW, VW shutdowns in China drag on; microchips pile up as lockdowns continue
  15. Important Take-away From Today's Tim B. Video

    Strictly FYI for any who may not have tuned in or may have missed the nugget. '22 Maverick production line to remain in operation through the bulk of October. (Remainder of) April, May, June, July, August, September, (partial) October equals a skootch over seven months more to produce '22s.
  16. Just for fun: Wishful Meet & Greet

    Ghost town, yes, yet would be perfect spot to obtain permission for a rally, no? Maverick, Arizona. :D
  17. Poor Man's Bed Lighting

    No wiring, no light strips to stick or screw on. Thought I'd take a chance and try this unit out. Arrived today. Strong magnet on one end. Rechargeable via USB. Able to stand vertically on the truck bed floor but as I have the bed mat which would sit between the base of the thing and the floor...
  18. Stick-on blind spot mirrors recommendations?

    Thinking about possibly getting some stick-on blind spot mirrors. Any recommendations for ones with truly robust adhesive? Experience with adjustable types (consider or avoid?) versus flat types?
  19. FITS for the furry?

    Think along the lines of a tennis racket. Handle/stalk inserted into the FITS slot of the rear of the center console, spreading out into a panel with a grid or honeycomb pattern acting as a screen to discourage pets in the rear seat from moving to the front through the gap between the seats.