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  1. Installed: Ditch lights with amber running light

    Where I live Blue lights are only on Police cars. Other emergency vehicles like fire trucks have red forward pointing lights. But for non-emergency vehicles lights on the front should be white, yellow or amber.
  2. Off road ground clearance

    good looking truck, beautiful area you were driving in. I am guessing a 2" lift kit is something you are looking at? Maybe bigger tires too?
  3. Maverick TREMOR Off-Road Package Details Revealed (Then Pulled)!

    Now all we need is for the Tremor to come as a hybrid.
  4. Ford Maverick Tremor Spied Fully Revealed! 📸

    Looks like the intercooler is different or moved.
  5. Ford Maverick Tremor Spied Fully Revealed! 📸

    What do the Bronco Sport Badlands locker controls look like? I would guess the Maverick would have something much like it if it has the same dual clutch differential.
  6. Ford Maverick Tremor Spied Fully Revealed! 📸

    I like it. I dont know if it should get the Tremor name if it just has a different bumper than the FX4. But if it is just a different bumper the price should not be a lot more. The FX4 option is a good deal. I could see this selling well. I am really glad they are adding this option.
  7. Hybrid engine rpm?

    The gas engine mostly turns a generator and an electric motor is what is moving the truck so the rpm of the gas engine is not really linked to the speed of the truck.
  8. Deep sleep mode?

    Would using a batteryminder 1500 when parked for a few days fix the deep sleep error?
  9. Solar panel for long term parking

    I use a wall powered battery minder for a vehicle that will end up sitting all winter. The "Battery Minder" works great. I have used them on cars and motorcycles.
  10. Solar panel for long term parking

    The 12v is on a relay so you would need to wire it to the battery. Get a name brand battery charger controller. The off brand ones don't really work from my experience.
  11. 2-door Maverick?

    Fleet ones are just about the only F150 standard cabs being sold here. My dad pointed out every house on his street has a pickup in front of it. Only 2 were single cab and both were fleet trucks brought home from someone's work. On my street every house has a pickup in front of it or in the...
  12. DIY Tailgate Power Lock using Control/Actuator from Ranger

    Between this tail gate remote lock and the thread on how to add cruise control, I can get everything I would want from an xlt on the xl.
  13. Color matched door handles?

    They are small so maybe you could just have your painted? Or whatever they do to get the color matching handles on the Lariat.
  14. Satellite radio antenna in all Mavericks?

    Good work on all the research. It makes sense there would be parts interchangeability. Now we just need somebody to test it out by installing an aftermarket satellite radio system. Thank you for posting this.
  15. Why does remote start cause hybrid issue?

    Because this happens in freezing temperatures I would guess this is part of an accelerated warm-up mode that is overly aggressive. Some cars have had this, fast warm up, as far back as the 1980s. To meet smog requirements and engine has to heat up within a certain number of minutes to reduce the...
  16. Saw a Maverick Commercial

    Advertising for a vehicle you can't even order and are lucky to even see. But sadly that is most models right now. Maybe Ford thinks the chip shortage will end soon. The ad does a good job of showing the usefulness of the vehicle. Ford will sell lots of them when they can make lots of them.
  17. Painted my Steelies Black & Silver Bi-Color

    Nice retro look. Looks like the XL trucks will get the most custom mods.
  18. Maverick Joshua Tree Desert Run - Trip Report & Pics

    What Tire pressure did you run on the sand?
  19. New MPG with 32" BFG KO2s (and lift)

    So the trucks estimated mpg on the gauge cluster of 22 is only about 1 MPG off. That is closer to the true number then I though it would be with the bigger tires. It looks really good with the 32's