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    This will not make any sense to most of you but some it will. These were jets of our military of some 65 plus years ago. They kept America at peace from our enemies. The B 36 PEACEMAKER This Bomber along with the B 58 HUSTLER Bomber Keep AMERICANS At Peace, Safe and Happy !!! Now that the...
  2. XL Crome Wheels ??

    Just a thought alot of people are powder coating or painting their XL wheels and look alot better. !! Wonder what would look like chromed and with a little cap in the center. also the cost if it would be worth it . ??🤔 was just wondering .
  3. Which is a better phone for a Maverick ??

    Hello and thank you for whatever help you could give me. I was wondering I have to get a new phone what kind would be better for the radio system and different apps you will have to use with the Maverick ? A Android phone or a iPhone ? I thank you much for your help 👍