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  1. First Maverick Tremor Hands-On Walkaround Videos Are Here

    Yes it does. The increased approach angle and lockable rear differential make it more capable than the current 2022 FX4 model. Being able to lock it in AWD is also a feature that some may be willing to pay for. Now is that meaningful for me? No it isn't. I drive strictly on paved roads. The...
  2. First Maverick Tremor Hands-On Walkaround Videos Are Here

    I agree. I like the Tremor and it looks like it would be a lot of fun but my truck hasn't left pavement yet and it is a very rare circumstance where it will have to. I've been getting 28mpg on my Lariat AWD and have got some great use out of the bed which is exactly what drew me towards the...
  3. First Maverick Tremor Hands-On Walkaround Videos Are Here

    This is the first hands on videos about the Tremor package that I have seen online.

    I'm not sure what rubber feet you are talking about. The locking connection on both the side rails and each slat along the rolling cover are all metal and I don't think they'll get worn out from daily use.
  5. Pandora screen

    I believe if you select sources and pick pandora then you'll get that top screen. I don't use it personally but my wife does on her Escape. That might be why on the screen you like it show's pandora next to source and the bottom picture shows your bluetooth connection.
  6. Setting to make Cruise Control default to the ON setting?

    My 2013 chevy cruze had a physical toggle switch that left cruise control in the on position all the time. It would obviously reset when the car was turned off and you could always set it lower than the previous cruise speed by using the set button instead of resume. It doesn't make sense to me...
  7. Bak Revolver X4S Hard Rollup Installed on Lariat Hybrid - impressions review

    I can't say I've experienced that. Maybe your cover isn't pushed as far back up against the window as it should be? My tailgate has a snug fit with the seal on the back of the cover but I haven't had it hit the back of the cover.
  8. Bak Revolver X4S Hard Rollup Installed on Lariat Hybrid - impressions review

    I posted this on another thread but I used J-B Weld Plastic Bonder in black to permanently attach the plastic caps on the end. I think it's a much better option than just using some super glue.
  9. Missing Center Caps

    Check your glove box and behind your rear seat. They might have gotten thrown in with the wire pigtails for your bed access points.
  10. Missing Center Caps

    That's not normal. Your dealer must have them somewhere and not installed them when completing the PDI process.
  11. BAK Revolver X4s Tonneau Cover -- arrived & installed

    The corner plastic covers pop off way too easily on the BAK x4s. I found this JB Weld Plastic Bonder that seems to be the best long term solution for making these covers stay in place. I mixed up a batch and covered the underside of the trim piece before inserting the clip back into the cover...
  12. Maverick Tremor Official Release! – Specs, Pics, Videos. Priced @ $2,995

    Is that Avalanche Grey? It looks amazing on the Maverick. Way cleaner than Cactus imo. As much as I love my Carb Grey, I think if that was available for 2022 I might have ordered that color.
  13. 🙋‍♂️ What did you do TO / WITH your Maverick today?

    Installed the Bak Revolver x4s I got from @Realtruck from their sale from their forum post a few weeks ago. Love how solid this cover feels!
  14. Hot Climate: BAK Industries tri fold vs rollup

    It is true. X4S no longer has felt stuck with adhesive that will melt in high temps.
  15. Is a Maverick order an obligation?

    My dealer asked for a $500 check that just sat in my file. It was never cashed. When I went to pick up my truck he ripped it in half and gave it back to me and he would have done the same if I turned it down. Not sure the purpose of the deposit but that's how my dealer handled it so it gave me...
  16. Is a Maverick order an obligation?

    My dealer had a fully refundable $500 deposit at order and you could turn it down whenever with no penalty. They’d prefer I didn’t take delivery so they could sell it at a mark up.
  17. 🙋‍♂️ What did you do TO / WITH your Maverick today?

    I made a thread awhile back about a fixed bracket solution to replace the tie down. It’s worked great for me so far.
  18. Is the front fender marker light a turn signal as well?

    No, it's a side marker light. They're just there to help make the vehicle more visible from different angles at night.
  19. 🙋‍♂️ What did you do TO / WITH your Maverick today?

    Finally had a free weekend to apply the Adam’s Graphene Ceramic coating that I picked up on Amazon. Super easy to use and much more protective than any spray ceramic that is on the market. This stuff can go on all the paint, glass, plastic trim, and wheels. I even coated my Rokblokz mud-flaps...
  20. Have any of you replaced the rotary shifter with a normal one? ?

    MY wife's 2020 Escape has a hard stop for park and drive. It feels pretty solid but not everything can be idiot proof. It was weird at first in my Mav but it doesn't bother me any more. You can still feel the clicks of each gear mode.