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  1. October Hybrid Orders United

    Seriously, if my dealer actually called me back or did seemingly any work that I couldn’t have done ordering it myself on a website, maybe they would earn my trust.
  2. October Hybrid Orders United

    Mid Oct (officially longer than making a human being), order is XL 360, hitch, floor mats. I called again, zero update, still in processing. No information available regarding the imminent 2023 rollover/ reorder. The most annoying part is when they suggest we reach out to our dealer. Dude, they...
  3. 2023 Ford Maverick Production Start Date Pushed Back Several Weeks

    Brutal… I better buy a used car. Too bad the market is what it is.
  4. 2023 Ford Maverick Production Start Date Pushed Back Several Weeks

    Agreed, it’s honestly messing up my summer. I never though I’d miss a summer camping season from an October order. Now I just would love a vehicle for upcoming rainy/ snowy weather.
  5. 2023 Ford Maverick Production Start Date Pushed Back Several Weeks

    Hmmm I wonder if this means I might get my hybrid after all? I still don’t have a VIN, Oct 2021 order.
  6. Ranch Mid-Rise cap topper photos

    Yeah that more seems like a Ford design thing, not sure how cap makers could work around it. If it touched people would just complain it was rubbing the paint off.
  7. October Hybrid Orders United

    Wild to me they would hold a truck back over something that could be installed later. I suppose if they can only make so many trucks though, it is what it is. Oct order, no hope personally for 2022. Looking forward to more news on 2023 models.
  8. Possible 2023 Maverick Black Appearance Package contents (from Ranger BAP)

    It would be sick if it included the tinted Tremor lights, and was available on the XL- but my hopes aren’t high.
  9. 2023 Ford Maverick Tech Specs Includes Black Appearance Package

    I wonder if we can add the black appearance package to the XL Hybrid, would be intriguing.
  10. 2023 Maverick New Colors: Atlas Blue, Avalanche Gray

    Oh damn, that’s better than I expected.
  11. Finally! Hybrid delivery (Canada) + Initial Build Pics

    I recently owned a 2004 Prius that had it too… let me emphasize this, 18 year old vehicle, pretty crazy. It’s so nice in Canada in the crappy winter not having to take your key out of your pocket!
  12. 2023 Ford Maverick - 12 Changes We Need

    Agreed, flat floors are the best thing ever for a 2 person camping trip. Throw big totes and a cooler back there and hit the road. Note- I am thinking about rainy season and or some requirements we have to keep stuff that can attract wildlife inside the locked vehicle at night, as opposed to the...
  13. 2023 Hybrid Delivery Time

    Crazy, seems like they really are dealing with recall style items? Wonder if the wiring harness is part of that.
  14. Is Carvana Broken?!?

    Guess I am swinging back to relieved that I sold my Ridgeline in April… been a bit choked lately as the Maverick likely gets bumped to 2023.
  15. 2023 Maverick New Colors: Atlas Blue, Avalanche Gray

    Been around longer- keep that demand / hype going. With the new models it’s not necessary I don’t think, as it is exists already.
  16. 2023 Maverick New Colors: Atlas Blue, Avalanche Gray

    I bet ford knows this based on Bronco purchases and will introduce it in year 3. Just my guess. I saw it the other day and it was such a complex green, bits of gold or yellow in it, pretty rad.
  17. Iconic Silver with Bronze Painted Steelies

    I dig it! I was thinking about this if I ever get my area51, glad to see your example.
  18. Future Maverick Models

    I would love a funky van! Also 100% agree on flat floor in the back. The storage is sort of lame. Would be great if the battery could be moved and a flat floor would exist. In my Ridgeline I could fit 4 full sized Rubbermaid bins there for camping.