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  1. Finally got my Area 51 XL

    Looks like you answered my question on if the XL can add cubbies. I just wish I felt better about the cruise control swap and it would be xl all the way!
  2. Maverick Hybrid review video showing two car seats installed (good for parents)

    I would love this picture! Would help me future proof the truck.
  3. Maverick Hybrid review video showing two car seats installed (good for parents)

    Stumbled on this great review if you are a parent that will be using car seats.
  4. Ford told me today that there will be no information on the 2023 models until Aug. 1, the day before reordering.

    Tim, As a ford dealer do orderbanks open at the start of the business day or at a certain time? Would love to order the 2nd but not sure if my dealer will have Got the memo. have a great day,
  5. 2023 XL getting Cruise Control?

    Cruise wasn’t standard but was in option in 2022. But now for 2023 F150 it is standard. Would be nice if they do it on all models.
  6. 2023 XL getting Cruise Control?

    I saw the Ford Video guy talk about the 2023 F150 Xl having cruise control standard. Made me wonder if that would go to the maverick too in 2023. This would makes so much more sense since every car I owned even a 1992 Pontiac had cruise.

    Tim, Do you think that the current Maverick Builder Prices are what they will be for 23? It appears that they upped the price 1k and tweaked a few options to be more or some like the ecoboost like only $400 dollars instead of $1000. Have a good day
  8. Test: fitting Costco cart load under Roll n Lock tonneau cover

    Looks good! Wondered if it would survive Costco.
  9. Infant car seat in maverick

    It is not all the way up but comfortable for someone that is between 5-4 to 5-9.
  10. Infant car seat in maverick

    Got to test out my sons infant car seat at the Ford dealer. Alex on Autos did a great video on a toddler seat. It is tight luckily we are short. But would not go behind the driver seat the way I sit.
  11. Constraints / Commodities For January 2022

    Thank you for the Reply. Must have sold already. Even Long McArthur Ford is doing $5000 over MSRP on EcoBoasts and 7500 for hybrids. I get that it is business but that is way over the top.
  12. Constraints / Commodities For January 2022

    Do you think many hybrids will be in dealer stock? I missed the order window and will have to wait for the window to open again. Any guesses on when does normal opens ordering windows?
  13. Impressions and Answers From Dealer Training Today [Maverick XLT FX4]

    I am wondering if the Xl has under seat storage?