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  1. MRT ANNUAL SALE 15% OFF 8/8/2022-8/22/2022

    The time is here for the MRT Performance Annual Sale - Receive 15% off of any MRT Product order of $150 or more. MRT's Maverick Exhaust and Hood Strut kits are in stock and ready to ship. USE PROMO CODE Cruise15 at checkout or order by phone 734-455-5807
  2. MRT Hood Strut Installation Tips & Tricks

    MRT Hood Struts are an awesome addition to any Maverick. We want your installation to be easy and worry free. Check out the video above to see a quick tutorial of installation. We also include some pointers to make sure your MRT Hood Strut kit installs and operates flawlessly.
  3. STEEDA - Maverick MRT Street Performance Single-Tip Cat-Back Exhaust | Install & Sound Clips

    Check in with Steeda Performance as they install and evaluate MRT's Street Performance Exhaust for the Ford Maverick! All of MRT's Maverick Systems are IN STOCK and ready to ship. 10% off with promo code UTube10 -
  4. MRT Buyer’s Guide – Ford Maverick Performance Exhaust (2.0L)

    Why Change from Stock? Although the new Ford Maverick compact pickup is great in a lot of ways, a factory exhaust configuration isn’t one of them. The OEM pipes barely make a sound when you’re on the road. Owners might find themselves wondering, “Is this on?” as they drive. Separate yourself...
  5. 1 Minute Exhaust Comparison - MRT vs Stock

    LIMITED TIME OFFER USE PROMO CODE FBGroup10 at checkout to receive 10% off of MRT Maverick Exhaust and Hood Strut Kits. In stock and ready to ship today! Available Now! After introducing the new MRT Dual Tip Street Performance Exhaust we wanted to make a simple and quick...
  6. Dual Tip Street Performance Exhaust MRT Part # 92W312

    Hey everyone! We have had so many questions asking about a dual tip system for the new Maverick and we got working on it. Here is a sneak peak we are hoping to have a finalized system this week. Polished tips as shown will be available as well as a black tip option.
  7. MRT Performance 2022+ Ford Maverick 2.0L Sport Truck Exhaust

    MRT Hood Struts and Exhausts Available Now! Part # 92W300 Loudness: 9 Drone: 3-4 Performance: 9 MRT has been working hard to develop two new exhaust systems for the new 2022 Ford Maverick. MRT's Sport Truck Exhaust for the 2.0L Maverick is the most aggressive exhaust option for the Maverick...
  8. MRT Performance 2022+ Ford Maverick 2.0L Street Performance Truck Exhaust

    MRT Exhaust and Hood Strut Kits Available Here! Part # 92W310 Loudness: 8 Drone: 3 Performance: 8 MRT Performance has developed two exhaust systems for the 2.0L Maverick. The first exhaust option is the MRT Street Performance Truck Exhaust. The Street Performance system wakes up your Maverick...
  9. MRT Performance 2022+ Ford Maverick No Drill Hood Struts

    Hello! My name is Dana and I am with MRT Performance here in Plymouth, Mi. I will be taking some time to highlight all of MRT's 2022+ Maverick products. First we will start with MRT's No Drill Hood Strut kit. This Maverick accessory is simple: Add underhood dress up to your truck with a...