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  1. Article: Why The Ford Maverick Had to Be a Hybrid

    No. I want the shorter cab because I want a longer bed, not a shorter truck. I wouldn't care if the truck was 6" longer.
  2. The XL elephant in the room... no cruise control on the XL..

    It's funny because my S10 has crank windows and manual locks (and the only way to lock the driver's door is from the outside with the key) but it DOES have cruise control. Ironically though I hate cruise control and never use it.
  3. Ford Maverick Spied Testing With Bronco Sport - Size Comparison

    Based on this, I would say the Maverick is 200" and the bed length is 55".
  4. Spied: 2022+ Ford Maverick Prototypes Are Caught Again in Arizona

    They look exactly the same as from back in September, so while it is fun to speculate about what might be under there (secret extended cab version FTW), I think the better question is "Why would they uncover it if they are still getting what they need the way it is?" Why do work to make your...
  5. Spotted: Maverick vs Ranger size comparison

    I went out and measured my S10 load height which is 29.5", and mine is a 4x4 though that makes no difference. The best info I can find on the Ridgeline is 34.5". They have similar ground clearance. 5" is a big difference getting big stuff in and out. I also usually break down plywood in my...
  6. Spotted: Maverick vs Ranger size comparison

    Uh... Now I'll grant you that the current mid-size trucks also have their beds up higher than they used to be, but they are still down near the top of the tires not the top of the wheel well. The load height ends up close to the same height because the Ridgeline doesn't have as much ground...
  7. Consensus On Maverick Bed Dimensions / Length?

    Putting a few 4x8 sheets at an angle is nothing. Throw a strap around it and off you go. I've had 12'+ boards hanging out the back of my 6.5' bed. However. we've seen in spy shots that the bed has the typical notches for 2x4s across the bed to put sheet goods on and I don't know about that...
  8. Why do you want a Maverick?

    The combination of AWD, size, and price. 4wd is not really ideal for winter driving and adds $5k to the price. It doesn't check every box for me (don't want crew cab) but it's probably the closest we'll see anytime soon.
  9. Spotted: Maverick vs Ranger size comparison

    What Honda did with the Ridgeline is essentially move the bottom of the bed up to near the top of the wheel wells. There are a lot of trade-offs to that, It makes it the only mid-size truck that you can put a 4x8 sheet flat onto the floor of the bed, but you lost half the volume of the bed in...
  10. Maverick competitors: What will you be cross-shopping?

    Alpha Wolf: LENGTH - 4765mm (188in) | WIDTH - 1930mm (76in) | HEIGHT - 1685mm (66in) The length and height may be short, but it sure isn't narrow. I don't know if that 76" includes the mirrors or not, but I guess it doesn't matter because those ridiculous fenders stick out as far as the...
  11. Any chance there will be a pass through from the cab to the main cabin?

    The Avalanche was wide enough to fit 4x8 sheet goods between the wheel wells, so the pass through made more sense there. The Maverick isn't wide enough for that, and you can see the notches in the side walls for crosswise 2x4s for sheet goods up above the wells. There isn't a whole lot of bed...