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  1. Comfort Level Of The Seats

    I always look for adjustable lumber support in my new vehicles since I have a cranky back that starts each day stiff and requires work to loosen up. It can get really bad on long trips too if seats suck and I don't stop to stretch enough. Fortunately the Mav has lumbar adjustment even in the XL (y)
  2. What do you like LEAST about the Maverick?

    technically, the AWD is "on" all the time isn't it? So you would "use it" every time you drive the truck.
  3. 🗓 2022 Maverick Dates For Ordering Scheduling and Start of Production

    Seems a little overly optimistic since that's only 2 weeks after official production start. They have to be transported 150 miles to the border (in Nogales?) and probably a central storage/distribution lot before heading on to final dealer destinations. Correct me if I'm wrong on any of that...
  4. Expectation for "off the lot" price vs. Build & Price

    where exactly did you hear that? Would be a dick move on Ford's part and bad PR. People kept assuming that Chevy would do that with the C8 Corvette entry level price but they held the line for at least the 1st full production year.
  5. Amber Daytime Running Lights?

    and I'll have to always approach it from behind when parked :p
  6. 2022 Ford Maverick Already Has 36,000 Reservations

    more likely to build units for Central & South America. I would think they'd open an assembly line at an existing plant (Spain?) for a Euro model as the shipping from Mex across oceans and possible import and regulatory issues might make it too costly. That's all assuming it really is going to...
  7. 2022 Ford Maverick Already Has 36,000 Reservations

    Have you driven one? Maybe as a test driver for the test mules and/or pre-production units? With your Maverick picture avatar, Dearborn, MI location and website in profile .... curious minds want to know :unsure:
  8. Amber Daytime Running Lights?

    for me the front "face" of the Mav is the least attractive part of the design. I'm going with XL, but hope the grill is interchangeable with XLT. The big chrome/glass "C" shaped headlight surrounds I don't get it- but will have to live with it until something aftermarket comes out. At least I...
  9. 2022 Maverick Towing Guide - Trailer, RV, Flat-Tow, Hitch Info

    so pony up the extra $3305 for 2.0L/AWD or use your existing F-150 if you need to tow more. "Problem" solved.
  10. Anybody pick out a name for your truck?

    DeeDee (DD) as in Delivery Delayed :ROFLMAO:
  11. Bed Tray Liner question

    there's already extensive discussion of this is another thread. try using search function to find it.
  12. Maverick Technical Specifications Sheet - What are your reactions?

    demonstrator guy in video mentioned chain final drive?
  13. Common problems - Are you concerned?

    yeah, from what I understand it is most obvious when rounding a corner and stepping on the gas and you feel the tug of the steering wheel in your hands. Also on "jack rabbit starts" from a dead start if you have a lead foot. Now I'd never investigated before since I wasn't in the market for any...
  14. What do you like LEAST about the Maverick?

    sure seems to be a lot of glass 1/2 empty posters visiting here now. maybe it's an age group thing? The XL with LESS standard tech and a few added modern goodies from a decent options list is exactly what myself and many others have been craving ever since demise of the Ranger MINI truck in...
  15. Hybrid can tow many #s do you feel comfortable towing with it?

    Nobody is going to be taking these home for another 3-6 months and you can be sure all the specs will be released long before then. We don't have official EPA MPG estimates or crash test results yet either. Orders are not binding in most cases, so if anybody changes their mind after all specs...
  16. Has Maverick production started?

    I bet you're right since the new ECVT tranny production looks like long pole in the tent here. Also, if they are building those in the US- they have to ship them to Hemosillo Mexico (large lots I'm assuming to make cost effective) to use in assembly of vehicles adding more delay.
  17. Ordering experience/please help me decide 2.0 ecoboost vs 2.5 hybrid

    that $500.00 is also only $9.62 per week. Can't even get a Dominos Pizza for that. Keeping it in perspective, How much is your monthly cell phone plan? How about cable, internet, streaming services? Most everyone has a tight budget, especially a family of 4, but I'm guessing you wouldn't even be...
  18. Bed tie downs for Maverick XL

    I'm pretty sure I read all trim levels come with standard D-rings in the bed + 2 tie down points on the tailgate (also known as bottle openers). When you add the bed side rails they come with 2 more tie down points.
  19. Hybrid can tow many #s do you feel comfortable towing with it?

    I would research it more instead of assuming. IMO very unlikely you will be safe going over max recommended. Don't forget everything in your trailer has to be counted, included water in your holding tanks. Got a 30 gal fresh water tank? That's 250 lbs all by itself when full. Food, firewood...
  20. Maverick CVT transmission line to be converted in July for production

    and vendor problems building the removable hard top.