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  1. giddyup

    Comfort Level Of The Seats

    Somebody once described that feeling to me as "kissing your sister."
  2. giddyup

    Fog Lights?

    I'm pretty sure there is at least a 12v jump post in the engine compartment.
  3. giddyup

    Age of targeted Maverick Buyer

    Awesome. Hang on to that one, it's already a classic.
  4. giddyup

    Why do you want a Maverick?

    I drove a Fiesta hatchback stick for years and got many similar reactions. :D
  5. giddyup

    Confusion About The Infotainment System - Base vs Sync 3?

    There must be GPS because I'm almost certain that Ford collects (or wants to collect) all of that sweet customer usage and location data. This is a new revenue stream for them.
  6. giddyup

    Confusion About The Infotainment System - Base vs Sync 3?

    From the order guide it looks like the only way to get Sync3 is with Lariat Lux package, is that right? If I didn't already want other features in the lux pkg, Sync3 would not be a compelling feature. If it was standalone I might pay a couple/few hundred bucks for it, at best. I haven't used...
  7. giddyup

    Confusion About The Infotainment System - Base vs Sync 3?

    Good points, eRock. Consumers expect fairly short evolutionary cycles for mobile devices, so I've also wondered why automakers want to recreate the phone on the dashboard. We hold on to our vehicles longer than phones/tablets, and infotainment hardware is never upgraded so it becomes sluggish...
  8. giddyup

    Walkaround & first look videos of the 2022 Maverick

    In terms of fuel economy, yes. But it'll be tough to match the comfort and style of that Panther ...
  9. giddyup

    2.5l Hybrid

    I know there were some large taxi fleets using basically the same hybrid platform on Escapes. I don't recall the source but remember reading that many of the hybrid taxis had very high mileage, like 200-300K miles+.
  10. giddyup

    Only Three Colors Available For FE Lariat 2.5?

    I wish that Cactus Gray had been available for FE. Or another nonmetallic color.
  11. giddyup

    Maverick Trim Comparison (XL, XLT, Lariat)

    That is a bummer. Every beater truck I've ever rented has had cruise. Seems like it should be a PCM software feature plus steering wheel switches, not a big cost. Maybe there is a network complexity or part incompatibility (gateway, message db, etc) that makes basic cruise cost prohibitive on a XL
  12. giddyup

    Maverick Trim Comparison (XL, XLT, Lariat)

    I think it's LED across all trim levels
  13. giddyup

    Maverick FLEXBED Features & Specs

    Can I be the D&R engineer for the bottle opener? ;)
  14. giddyup

    Build & Price Your 2022 Ford Maverick Now Up. What's Your Maverick Build?

    Lariat 2.0 AWD First Ed w/ tow, lux, copilot packages. A little under $37K
  15. giddyup

    Maverick Technical Specifications Sheet - What are your reactions?

    Another thing I noticed is that the First Ed comes with 17" wheels rather than 18s. I know the FE wheels are unique to that package, but surprised by the smaller wheels. Is this a cosmetic thing? Also, no Kodiak Brown as a color choice. I never liked the browns/tans in the past when they were...
  16. giddyup

    Ordered the 2022 Maverick? Sign in here.

    No deposit required when I reserved
  17. giddyup

    Maverick Technical Specifications Sheet - What are your reactions?

    I wondered what others thought of the official specs (below) for the Maverick. Overall I am pretty happy with what was revealed and it looks like many of the rumors and guesses were correct. I'm ready to order. I was surprised by the standard hybrid engine. Also pleasantly surprised by the 4K...
  18. giddyup

    Ordered the 2022 Maverick? Sign in here.

    Yes, reserved immediately. Hoping to get a First Ed. with the 2.0. I'm pretty happy with the specs and options available, should be a good fit for me.
  19. giddyup

    Has Ford's Approach To Rolling Out The Maverick Dimmed Your Interest?

    In my case, I don't have a problem with Ford's approach. Their timing, along with supply chain constraints (semiconductors, etc) are what they are. For me the issue is my need is immediate and I'm losing patience. We moved last fall and have a bunch of landscaping/construction projects going or...