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  1. Age of targeted Maverick Buyer

    I'm 22, for what it's worth. Never owned a pickup before, but the Maverick is likely gonna be my first new car purchase. I've wanted a pickup for a long time to haul my kayak, to hold all my wet, smelly fishing gear without stinking up the cabin, and manage some mild offroad trails, but I was...
  2. How do you guys feel about the cvt transmission?

    Two things: 1. The Fiesta (as far as I know) never had a CVT. The problem trans was the DPS6, a Dual Clutch box. 2. The CVT in the Maverick is not a CVT as you know them to be, with belts and pulleys. It makes use of a single planetary gearset and two electric motors to create infinite ratios...
  3. VELOCITY BLUE Maverick Club

    Torn between Velocity and Cyber Orange, it's gonna be a tough call!
  4. How will FWD Maverick do in snow?

    FWD in the snow is perfectly fine as long as your tires are good enough. In KY, you will be more than covered by a good set of all-seasons. Remember that AWD will only help you get moving if your front wheels are slipping. AWD will not help you steer and it will not help you stop in bad traction...
  5. Thank You Ford Maverick Team

    Bravo to the Maverick team, really. Two incredible powertrains, tasteful styling, clever utility features inside and out, all at a price that undercuts most midsize sedans. The engineers and designers behind the Maverick project should be beyond proud. Sometimes when I see a new vehicle come...
  6. Walkaround & first look videos of the 2022 Maverick

    Can't complain about that I guess. Coming from a Focus that averages 31 MPG is gonna sting, though
  7. Walkaround & first look videos of the 2022 Maverick

    Any numbers for the 2.0 AWD fuel economy? Kinda dreading it's gonna be a flop like the Santa Cruz
  8. Build & Price Your 2022 Ford Maverick Now Up. What's Your Maverick Build?

    XLT AWD 2.0, FX4 Package, Velocity blue, bedliner, nothing else! So excited to see a sub-30K MSRP. I'm graduating college next year so this will likely be my first actual adult purchase
  9. 2022 Ford Maverick Pickup Truck Revealed with Standard Hybrid, 40MPG City, $20K MSRP

    So since there seems to be no mention of a 1.5L motor, is it safe to assume the 2.0 will be an option across all trims? Maybe it'll be cheaper than we thought to upgrade, too
  10. Hyundai SC EPA MPG Stats Are Out -- Not Great

    Those are some pretty freakin' awful numbers, man. I'm worried the Mav is gonna be a bit of a pig on gas.
  11. Full Informational Post

    Awesome, thanks for the link! By all accounts, this type of "CVT" feels more like driving an electric car because the motors are actually what's powering the wheels rather than the engine. Still going to test drive both powertrains but that's really promising, and it's pretty damn hard to pass...
  12. Full Informational Post

    1.5 FWD fuel economy is solid, AWD is decent. That 2.0 fuel economy is...less than stellar. If i decide I don't want AWD, I will be going with the Hybrid FWD as long as the hybrid doesn't interfere with cabin volume, ground clearance or towing/payload in any meaningful way. EDIT: Can anybody...
  13. HP and LB-FT Graphs - 1.5L vs 2.0L

    The 2.0 EB makes more torque at 1,000 RPM than my 2.0 Duratec makes at roughly 4.5K. Modern engine technology is truly insane. I was originally thinking I'd be perfectly satisfied in the 1.5, but I might stretch my budget a bit for that 2.0.......
  14. Official: 2022 Ford Maverick Pickup Truck Debuts June 8! (XLT Trim Teased)

    CAN! NOT! WAIT! XLT, minimal options, in Cyber Orange or A51. All I want!
  15. Maverick Pricing Estimate based on other Fords

    Wow, guess I didn't even think about that. Carmakers do so love to charge $1-2K for simple stuff. I'd pretty much only want a nice paint and maybe heated seats if thats not locked to a trim level.
  16. Maverick Pricing Estimate based on other Fords

    I wonder what kind of options will be available that would allow you to check boxes until you're almost $10K over base price? That seems nuts. Anyway, XLT AWD for me, please!
  17. Accessories Wishlist

    I'd like to see a retractable bed cover like the Santa Cruz has.
  18. 2022 Ford Maverick reveal reportedly coming in next 2 weeks!

    Sure hope so. No chance I'm getting some boring greyscale color again, give me Area 51 or Cyber Orange!
  19. 2022 Ford Maverick reveal reportedly coming in next 2 weeks!

    "Sources familiar with _____" Hmm, where have we heard that before? not saying I'm not excited, just saying to temper your expectations, cause "sources familiar with" is journalist-ese for "This is probably BS but you'll click anyway"
  20. Has Ford's Approach To Rolling Out The Maverick Dimmed Your Interest?

    Can't say I disagree, I think Ford is unwise to just leave the Maverick project in the dark. There's been enough press and buzz that I genuinely doubt they'd cancel it at this point, but they've done nothing to get people hyped for this thing since that original factory "leak" (let's be honest...