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  1. TerryE

    Comfort Level Of The Seats

    I kissed a ‘Sister’ once, but it was a bad ‘Habit’ to get into……
  2. TerryE


    OK, yes, I am excited to receive my new Alto Blue mini truck. Just had this custom aluminum bottle made for my door.
  3. TerryE

    🗓 2022 Maverick Dates For Ordering Scheduling and Start of Production

    The way I look at it is the “don’t buy a first year model “ has changed over the years. The quality and pre-engineering is far above past years. Ford, as well as all manufacturers, cannot afford a “dog” to be released with the amount of social media reviews that will take place. I am sure there...
  4. TerryE

    2022 Ford Maverick Will Make Public Debut At Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas

    Don’t see the Maverick on the docket, a new Bronco is though
  5. TerryE

    Standard speakers any good?

    Thanks, I agree, I already ordered the XLT, so the standard speakers are not a deal-breaker, was just curious. I am sure the Bronco Sport has the same standard system. I look forward to your input after your demo slashy.
  6. TerryE

    Standard speakers any good?

    Been a while since I purchased a new Ford product. I am curious if anyone knows how good are the standard speakers? Who is the manufacturer? (Not B&O)
  7. TerryE

    Maverick will be at Chicago Auto Show July 15-19. Who can go?

    $25 to park for the show? Thanks, Chicago, unreal
  8. TerryE

    Has Maverick production started?

    Maybe I will get my 2.0 before the Hybrid.
  9. TerryE

    ALTO BLUE Maverick Club

    I ordered the XLT Alto Blue as well with every option. Excited to see the blue interior/exterior combo!
  10. TerryE

    Hybrid can tow many #s do you feel comfortable towing with it?

    Don’t forget, the TOTAL weight is what is rated, I.e., load in bed, occupant weight, trailer plus cargo. That is why I went with the 2.0 with 4K tow option, need the extra punch with my 20’ boat.
  11. TerryE

    Lifetime Powertrain Warranty From Dealers

    thanks for the reply, I have my current Caddie oil changes (all its life) with the dealer. They only charge $50 for a synthetic change, filter, and tire rotation. I have no problem with that price. Curious what this Dealer (Ford) will charge. We will see.
  12. TerryE

    Lifetime Powertrain Warranty From Dealers

    I understand there is a Ford Dealer Lifetime Powertrain offered at no charge that is valid as long as you personally own the vehicle. My Dealer is one that is touting this warranty. I know there are a few dealers on this site, Grainger? Please elaborate on this warrantee, thanks.
  13. TerryE

    Screen Cubby Project

    NP, I may warn my wife
  14. TerryE

    Screen Cubby Project

    Working on connecting buttons functions for the panel. Should be completed by fall delivery of vehicle.
  15. TerryE

    Price paid for Maverick XL

    Lol, Kind of like when they publish per gallon cost. ($3.10 a gallon, not $3.099)
  16. TerryE

    Expected X Plan Pricing?

    Attached is my XLT with options order including all plans pricing at bottom.
  17. TerryE

    How many Maverick orders so far?

    LOL, if Ford is counting on the dealership "salesforce" they are in trouble. Over half the staff at 3 different dealerships had not even heard of the Maverick when I was trying to order.
  18. TerryE

    Tonneau, did you order one?

    i did order the soft roll-up, just to have for some element protection. Could probably get an after-market cheaper, however, would rather have inclusive from the factory fit. Also then, the top will be warranted.