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  1. Amber Daytime Running Lights?

    I hope you’re right. I’ve always liked the look of the amber “parking” lights on without the headlights. None of my vehicles had drl’s and I’ve run those since I was in high school a looonngg time ago😂😂😂
  2. Maverick topper camper top spotted in this video

    At 1:54 in this video there is a Maverick FX4 with a camper shell on the back. Get ready to pause it’s a very short look.
  3. Unibody or Frame question

    The 2.0L turbo with AWD with the 4K tow package should handle it ok. The unibody has nothing to do with the life expectancy of the engine.
  4. Orange interior

    Yeah I’m not a fan of the Orange accents either. Not that I’m against adding some color to the inside, I painted some of the interior pieces on my 97 Explorer Sport to match the exterior, but I like XL interior better. I think there should’ve been an option for the XLT and up trims.
  5. Folding rear seatBACK?

    Hmmm..after seeing that video I’m wondering if there’s room for a “truck style” sub box like you might put in a regular cab behind the seat. I like a little extra bass than most factory systems and that would leave the under seat storage for other stuff.
  6. Maverick Torture Testing Video

    I would like to apply for this job lol
  7. Hybrid mode in reverse?

    This may sound strange but I’ve never owned a hybrid. I’ve heard with most you can drive up to a certain mph in electric mode only but does it do the same in reverse? I’m just wondering if I can back in my garage and pull back out without the gas engine starting to avoid exhaust fumes.
  8. Ford Maverick Spied Testing With Bronco Sport - Size Comparison

    Looks like Honda..or Batman 😂😂😂
  9. Current Daily Drivers

  10. Current Daily Drivers

    2015 Kia Soul + I bought it new and have actually enjoyed it but would like a bed again for bigger items. It was completely ignored by the aftermarket, ,hopefully there will be more available for the Maverick.
  11. Why do you want a Maverick?

    I miss having a small truck and grew up during the minitruckin’ craze. I would like to have a small truck to haul stuff from Home Depot, get good mpgs, and easy to get in and out of, not everyone wants a tall truck.
  12. Why do you want a Maverick?

    My first first truck was an S10 too, 84 extended cab. It was my first ride and I wish I still had it.