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    @fordvideoguy Tim! Does a 22 order holder have to order (2023) with SAME dealer to keep their place in line? Thanks for all you do!
  2. I just was emailed that I will not receive my order,ever,after 9 months of waiting

    So QUESTION...If I update my new 2023 order to go eco w/LUX package...will that affect my place in the order line? Not talking about constraints....just my place in line order wise...hopefully NOT since it's basically a new order...
  3. Mods, Review & Experience so far... 2" lift kit, 15mm wheel adapters, Motegi mr139 17" wheels, Cooper Adventure AT3 tires, front window tint

    Really nice finished Maverick! The perfect color for the Maverick when running dark wheels!!
  4. Another Dead Hybrid

    At the direction of their ELT, this account will neither confirm or deny an ongoing issue. To think otherwise is to not understand how corporate communications works. Hopefully on the internal side, they have addressed the quality issue with the vendor...
  5. I’ve been patient but it’s now ridiculous

    Heck....50miles...I'd paid for a flatbed tow... PDI the truck and enjoy instead of it cooking in the sun under someone else's possession...
  6. Ford Vows to Clean Up Quality Issues as Recalls Hit Hard

    Let's not leave out our friends at Chrysler Capital aka (Fiat Chrysler). Obviously they finance anyone who can fog a window...LOL
  7. Consider Scheduling You Ford Maverick Oil Service Sooner Rather Than Later

    Get that oil changed!!! It's cheap insurance to keep that beautiful Maverick running smooth! Don't risk it.
  8. My Order suddenly doesn’t exist - Oct 9 Hybrid

    Approx 11 months total....WOW....guess I'd better settle in... Mine be here when leaves start to turn... Congrats on your Maverick - Keep us posted how you like it!
  9. 8 Months Wasted, no ROVP on my order

    ROVP has been around since 2019 at not so new... NO excuse for a dealer Sales Manager who doesn't know how it works. My dealer assured me order was "accepted" and I even gave them the instructions and web link on how to ROVP. I did get the March email but not the later one... Ford's...
  10. Are you going to jump ship if Subaru presents a new version of Baja in 2023?

    So you wouldn't own a Subaru, but you own a Tesla....LMAO...ooook. My wife's 4ht gen Outback will run 80 all day and get 30mpg in comfortable leather seats and can climb a mountain with proper clearance.
  11. Need Some Advice

    I would say 4mths or less. See about buying parts yourself and save that $... SOnic should bring decent trade in value with gas going up up up...
  12. My Order suddenly doesn’t exist - Oct 9 Hybrid

    NOPE NOPE NOPE...highly suspect! Switch dealers immediately if you decide to order again. Their FORD contact should be able to dig and find something...I say to H with that dealer...
  13. 📸 Spotted: Mystery New Maverick Model With High Clearance Off-Road Bumper and Tires

    Hilarious how they left the FX4 sticker showing....on purpose...LOL
  14. 3k miles, broke down

    What sort of control module...any articles on this yet? Be interesting to read...I hope FMC worked this out before mine is built...
  15. Hybrid Battery Replacement Anxiety

    2 weeks ago...Chicago...Uber...2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid 400K...original Hybrid battery pack and ICE.
  16. Hybrid Battery Replacement Anxiety

    Rode in a 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid (Chicago Uber) recently 400k on the original Hybrid battery and ICE...only the tranny was changed...3 times...
  17. November Hybrid Orders United

    Joining this thread... No updates as of today... I'm NOT removing CP360 to save days (possibly) off an order for a vehicle I'll have for several years hopefully. On the POSITIVE side... Let's all rejoice that hopefully FMC will have worked out the obvious bugs by the time we get our order...
  18. Dead Maverick Hybrid with <2000 miles

    Following something is causing drain in the 12v.... Really hope the OP comes back with the resolution....
  19. Major Issue with NEW Maverick

    That's why I got the pesky sunglass holder for me....LMAO I can store sunglasses on dash for them to warp and thieves to see or put them away below LOL
  20. Waiting like everyone else

    How do we talk to chat group please ?