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  1. AWD Hybrid Maverick Prototype Possibly Spied Testing

    A PHEV Maverick seems like the next logical choice in my opinion if Ford wants to capitalize on this being a fuel efficient pickup truck. An AWD version should be great for the folks who are turned off about the standard hybrid from being front-drive only. Supposed we'll see PHEV variants of the...
  2. Painted grill bar, bumpers, fender vents, hood scoop - matched to body color on Maverick (Cyber Orange)

    I actually really like it. It looks a bit like the old Ford Ranger Splash. -SG
  3. Hybrid Maverick drag races vs F-150 Hybrid and Bronco 2.7L V6 [TFL]

    I'm quite surprised how a base-engine Maverick can knock the socks of a Bronco with the top engine. Then again, the Mav is a lot lighter, so it makes sense.
  4. Maverick "Rattler" Off-Road Prototype Spied Testing!

    I didn't say anything about obnoxiously sized tires or a sky-high lift kit. I was thinking more along the lines of a similar lift to a Bronco Sport Badlands. Just make it have similar capabilities to that, only with a truck body instead of a crossover's.
  5. Maverick "Rattler" Off-Road Prototype Spied Testing!

    TBH, I think Maverick Tremor has a better ring to it than "Rattler." Either way, they should give it a higher ride height plus the twin-clutch RWD unit in the Bronco Sport Badlands/First Edition to make it seem like an upgrade over the FX4.
  6. Maverick STX?

    Hi everyone, Sergeant Gearhead here. Who here thinks a Maverick STX appearance package is a future possibility for the Maverick XL trim? They do it for the Ranger, F-150, and the Super Duty, so why not the Maverick as well?
  7. Maverick XL Interior Shots

    The XL's interior looks pretty good for the price. Also great to see the key start. -SG
  8. All Colors & Trims on 2022 Maverick Lineup Photos (& versus F-150)

    That's a lot of Mavericks! I want one of those water bottles badly! Shame they're NFS.
  9. First Impressions of 2022 Santa Cruz

    Hey all, Sergeant Gearhead here. So late last night I took a quick swing by the Hyundai place to check out the new 2022 Santa Cruz. Just thought I would look at the Hyundai and give my take on it before I have the chance to see the Ford Maverick in person. (Sadly, the new Maverick has yet to...
  10. 🥊 2022 Maverick vs Santa Cruz PRICING, SPECS, TRIMS Comparison

    Another great comparison chart, FirstOnRaceDay. It's a little embarrassing to find out that a base Santa Cruz can cost not much less than a top trim Maverick Lariat. I wouldn't say Hyundai has dropped the ball or failed the SC as a product just yet, because they are famously known for providing...
  11. VELOCITY BLUE Maverick Club

    I love it! Great photos! -SG
  12. Oxford White Maverick first look

    Agreed. Looks almost exactly like a Ranger XL from this angle.
  13. 2022 Maverick first-look impressions & details by Doug Demuro

    I'm glad to see he was able to get ahold of one of those trucks before everyone else could. His review was pretty thorough enough (I had no idea how the FlexBed worked until now), and I liked how he talked about headroom because I remember a lot of us were worried it wouldn't be tall enough. -SG
  14. Build & Price Your 2022 Ford Maverick Now Up. What's Your Maverick Build?

    If it's not a necessity, maybe. My dad's old '97 F-150 originally had cruise control, but it's broken now. (just a funny story I thought I'd share...)
  15. Build & Price Your 2022 Ford Maverick Now Up. What's Your Maverick Build?

    I would go for an XL with the 2.0L EcoBoost and AWD (3,305). The color would be Velocity Blue. Options include: -4k Towing Package ($745) -Fullsize spare tire ($115) -Spray-in bedliner ($495) -Floor liners ($135) -110V/400W outlet ($150) Price: $26,435 Enough yapping, here's the truck:
  16. 2022 Ford Maverick Pickup Truck Revealed with Standard Hybrid, 40MPG City, $20K MSRP

    Wow... A standard hybrid for less than $20K? I don't think anyone saw that coming... Shame you can't get it with AWD, though. I thought only the plug-in (on the Escape) couldn't get it because you could on the (Escape) hybrid. What's up with that?