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  1. Mileage for 1st oil change for Hybrid?

    Seems like their pricing structure is "if it lasts x times longer than 3500 miles it's worth x times the $$!".
  2. Mileage for 1st oil change for Hybrid?

    What tires are on yours and have you checked wear difference by tire location?
  3. Mileage for 1st oil change for Hybrid?

    I just crossed 4k miles and have 750 mile trip to do in 9 days. Original plan was to check tread and rotate tires at 4,000 intervals but due to schedule will delay to 5,000 on first time. I may change oil then if can get free rotation with oil coupon. Do not yet know tread wear pattern on...
  4. Bypass Tailgate Lock?

    Seems like when I got my lariat First edition I had to change settings to get my tailgate to lock using my fob. I'll check manual when I get a chance.
  5. Dear Ford. It's Me, Bob. My Maverick died today.

    OK I cannot stop laughing the thread title got to me big time. "Hello Ford this is Bob......". So now if anything happens and I have to take it in I will be tempted to say "I do not know what happened I just "Bobbed" it and wait anxiously for them to nod multiple times😂😂😂. Hope it works out for...
  6. What good is a 4.5 foot bed? Good for 35mpg while carrying 9’ sectional couch

    I think it's better to slap the strap than the load so you can tell by the pitch of the note how tight the strap is? 🤔
  7. What good is a 4.5 foot bed? Good for 35mpg while carrying 9’ sectional couch

    I also have HF straps among others. I would have backup straps in case one broke or slipped (one possibly needed near the end of the couch to prevent the strap around the end from vibrating down. Properly strapped down if if pickup can be flipped on side and load stays where it's loaded.👌
  8. Older and wiser us

    It's hard to buy anything without a chip these days. Toasters, light bulbs (I have a smart bulb somewhere that I must have bought on clearance sometime which on rare occasion when it's turned on it searches for a wi-fi connection and if I am online looking at my router I notice it's wanting to...
  9. Older and wiser us

    I don't remember who made my pace maker. I could get my wallet out with the easy to find insert that has "medical" tag and check but I tend to leave it alone. I have at least to this point have no shortage of "best luck" thanks for more though. Several years back I had two stents followed by...
  10. Older and wiser us

    Yep on no pacemaker deep sleep battery mode. The wireless monitor on the night stand uploads data every night I am there and sends data using the medical device frequencies (I believe either in the low 600 or high 600 range do not remember which). If there is a problem an alert is posted on...
  11. Older and wiser us

    A little over a year ago I got a pacemaker because my heart was skipping beats! Before I even knew I was going to order a maverick. No problems at all and said I had 12+ years left on the battery. 👍👍
  12. Hitch receiver added as an accessory; what am I getting?

    I see it as Ford is restricting me from charging a battery or powering a cooler or putting brakes on a 2k trailer. No real problem 7 pin can be done with after market wiring (I wouldn't mind the rest of 4k pkg as the price of it is great even not ever pulling over 2k trailer).
  13. 4K Tow Package and Brake Controller

    I have recently seen where Curt announced a 7 pin brake controller that plugs into a seven pin female plug and has a female plug for trailer to plug into that can be controlled through an app with wifi/Bluetooth. Several trailers can be set up and be selected through app to match trailers to...
  14. Hitch receiver added as an accessory; what am I getting?

    IF entry level price is the most important thing they could drop the doors for another $1k reduction and someone would buy it maybe because they want to be able to jump out or carry more weight in the bed?
  15. Maverick Price Increased as of 7/1

    Or some programmer accidently made a hot patch early?
  16. Hitch receiver added as an accessory; what am I getting?

    So if the primary purpose is entry price why is heater without cooling not on entry level or even make heat an add on. Then they could price xl at $1699 and offer xl lux add on or maybe heat, cooling, hitch, cruise, active X seats, etc as separate add-ons! In any case everyone has their own...
  17. Hitch receiver added as an accessory; what am I getting?

    It's mind boggling that it is NOT A STANDARD ON EVERY PACKAGE? If you never in your widest dream can imagine wanting to use it buy it for $100 for future resale value. You may not get your money back but there will be many more lookers and will probably sell for at least $300-$600 more, no...
  18. REV Hard Folding Tonneau posts too long

    Aaarrrggghhh!!! Seems like I've heard this before but something is not quite right.... One nut is too high (?) One nut is too low (?) And the third nut is just right! (???). 😇
  19. This is the e-mail coming at 3PM today (6/29) to unscheduled order holders

    Aaarrrggghhh!!! I do not know if it matters but the thought came to me "if you change your address and update your driver's license do you have to update it with Ford?".
  20. Hello!

    I know the Doc with his thumb on the button timer did not have particularly encouraging good news. The good news is my DL (Texas) expires in 2024 and I will be under 85 so I can renew for six more years. After that time in 2030 I can renew every two years if I can get an "ok to drive" note...