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  1. Looking for Order Summary with A plan information

    The window sticker reflects the retail pricing at time of build regardless of what price protection or plan pricing you have.
  2. Ambient lighting keeps disabling itself

    XL/XLT have an ambient light LED in the storage at the front of the console/below the center stack.
  3. Dealer screw up maybe

    I assume they're confusing ROVP with something else. Otherwise it's synonymous with COVP and if that has been accepted you should be good. Just up to the whims of the scheduling.
  4. Hybrid favorite drive mode

    In this case it's EPA/CAFE rating. If it can be started by default in a mode that reduces efficiency then that is factored in the overall rating.
  5. 2023 Order Bank dates

    Maybe they're one of those people staunchly opposed to the orange accents of the XLT interior.
  6. 2023 Order Bank dates

    Those final October builds are getting scheduled in August.
  7. Upgrading the Maverick B&O Sound System - DIY Howto

    I was referring to the center speaker there. That gets it signal straight off the head unit and I'm unsure what, if any, frequency cutoff there may be. A passive crossover is unnecessary for the tweeters/door woofers in my case as the Kicker Key splits them actively.
  8. And yet again...another dead Hybrid

    Possibly referring to apps/widgets like the one here for iOS that accesses the FordPass API to show vehicle status.
  9. Hitch receiver added as an accessory; what am I getting?

    So is your assertion that the 4k# tow limit (of so equipped Mavericks) is a lie? A number of states require trailer brakes below 4k or even 3k and a 7-pin hookup facilitates greater control for that.
  10. Hitch receiver added as an accessory; what am I getting?

    You get the hitch and 4-pin. That's why it's so much a better deal getting it installed at the factory as you get the full package including the wiring which otherwise there isn't any official install harness for.
  11. What happens when you ceramic coat your truck?

    I tried their ceramic detailer and had the same experience with persistent streaks. The TW Ceramic Wet Wax works much better; accelerates drying and buffs clean.
  12. I just was emailed that I will not receive my order,ever,after 9 months of waiting

    The cutoff for hybrid orders was November 15th. Even if you ordered just before then you're functionally near the back of the line so the only fault is your dealer getting your hopes up with the 3-4 month estimate.
  13. Adding Paddle Shifters

    You're still incorrect that the hybrid CVT is pulley based. The powersplit eCVT design is planetary gear based; no belt or pulleys.
  14. $500 Rebate Reward from Ford for Farm Bureau members — Only $20 for anyone to join

    Some people have been able to access it in <30 days. I think it depends on how often they sync their member roster with Ford. Although whether that ultimately affects eligibility is another thing.
  15. Lighter Weight Tires

    Hard to get much lighter than 25lbs. There's the Bridgestone Weatherpeak @ 22 lbs although they're only 10/32nd so you're giving up a bit of tread depth.

    The only thing I've encountered is about once a week the Maverick must want to do some extended chatting with the mothership on wi-fi so for about 10-15 minutes after I get home my phone dings multiple times that it's now connected to Android Auto as the AAWireless gets powered on/off. I've...
  17. Ford is the anamoly...New-car sales plunge: Supply constraints and rising prices limit buyers

    The new Nissan Frontier base trim had a crazy 97-99% 18 mo lease residual promo for the first few months of the year. So long as there wasn't any extras thrown on, you could get one for around $300/mo or less.
  18. Deep sleep mode?

    An AAWireless dongle shouldn't interact with the truck Wi-Fi in any way since it's communicating with the truck via the USB instead of a phone being there. Wi-fi only comes in between your phone and the AAWireless.
  19. Trade‐in my 2022 ford maverick xl hybrid for 2023 ford maverick xlt lux package

    15k over but OP will have paid back about half of that if they take delivery a year from now.
  20. 63 days with a VIN and not scheduled day

    Mine was 152 days. Scheduled November 19, received April 20th. That included being delayed 49 days (1/10-2/28) and another 6.5 weeks in transit.