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  1. Anyone changed the oil WITHOUT a lift/ramps?

    I want to change my Maverick's oil (hybrid specifically) myself the first time, but for future oil changes I'll probably just take it to the dealer so I don't want to invest in ramps. Anyone changed their oil without ramps or a lift? Just curious how feasible it is/how tight it'll be under...
  2. Dial shifter POLL

    After perusing the lengthy thread about the dial shifter, I thought it'd be interesting to run a poll to gauge how Maverick owners really feel about the shifter. PLEASE only answer if you've owned and driven your Maverick for at least a couple weeks. I want to see real world opinions from folks...
  3. Hybrid floormats back in stock at Fairway Ford

    FYI for anyone who's been waiting like me, hybrid floormats are back in stock at Fairway Ford. They're $145 plus shipping, and you can use your Fordpass points (which is why I've been holding out for them).
  4. What fuse is the bed light on?

    Anyone know which fuse the switched bed light that comes with the luxury package is on? I guess the overhead cargo lights are on the same fuse since they're operated by the switch as well. The fuse diagram in the manual was not helpful. I want to tap into that switched circuit to add additional...
  5. What are these rubber pieces covering in the bed?

    While I'm on the topic of the bed from my other post earlier tonight, anyone know what these rubber pieces are covering in the bed? They seem to be loosely glued in so I'm afraid to just pull them off
  6. Tie-down count question

    So this is light-hearted and not a big deal at all, I'm just curious to get other thoughts/observations here. I have a Lariat with the luxury package. In the Maverick builder on Ford's site, it says that the Lariat (non-lux) comes with 10 bed tie-down points standard. If you add the lux...
  7. Cable and right angle adapter for aawireless

    Here's my new setup to tuck my aawireless dongle out of the way. Much cleaner look than just having it dangling there. Edit: I tried posting the links to the cable, etc. but they're not showing up. Trying again: Edit again: realized it's my browser's adblocker blocking the Amazon links
  8. Gator sfx installation question

    I have a gator sfx trifold and initially tried to install it so if was "centered" in the bed - about a one inch gap between the cover and the back window glass. However, I get a significant amount of water leaking in from the back cab-side of the bed. I'm going to stick a small bit of that...
  9. Swapped the factory lug nuts for black gorilla lugs

    After reading some mini-horror stories about the 2 piece factory lug nuts corroding and swelling over time, I picked up a set of one piece gorilla lug nuts to replace them. I went with black, and think they look really sharp with the lariat wheels (better than chrome). They do stick out a bit...
  10. Ford pass app - start activating vehicle while in shipment

    My trucks currently in shipment. However I've had it loaded into the Ford pass app for some time. In the past, when I've tried to activate the truck, it just told me the feature was unavailable and to wait for delivery or something. However, this morning, it actually started the activation...
  11. Anyone else seem to be stuck in Nogales MX?

    My hybrid was built and shipped around 2/18 with an estimated delivery of 3/18-3/24. Obviously that time hasn't come yet, but my salesman has been nice enough to share the tracking info that he has access to. The last update on his end was on 2/20, and at that point it had arrived at "junction...
  12. Estimated delivery date disappeared from tracker

    Has this happened to anyone else during the process? Mine shipped a little over a week ago, with an estimated delivery date of 3/24. This morning, the estimated delivery date has completely disappeared from the tracker. Hope this doesn't mean delays
  13. Recent shipping times to NC?

    My hybrid finally got built and is showing as shipped as of the other day. It's headed to my dealer in NC. Any recent NC deliveries care to share how long shipping took?
  14. For those who did a courtesy delivery

    On the tracker under "Delivery Details", did it show the dealership you ordered from, or the dealership that was accepting the courtesy delivery? My trucks been scheduled but not in production yet, and the tracker is showing the dealership I bought it from. Which kind of makes sense, but I want...
  15. What tires come on the Lariat hybrid?

    I've seen Michelins in photos, but was curious the exact model
  16. Credit score for Ford financing deals?

    Anyone have any idea, ballpark, what the minimum credit score requirement typically is for the current Ford financing deals (0% for 36 months, .9% for 48 months)? I know there are other variables at play too. I'm currently sitting on a 780 FICO, and could probably bump that up to closer to 800...