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  1. Air bags for Eco Boost Mavs

    Great video with plenty of detail
  2. Dash Cam

    Yeah I got a Gentex 8 on fuse 3, but it's only an autodimmer, no fru fru, and my pre collision is as hit or miss as day 1
  3. Grille bar DRLs and sequentials

    Reviving a dead thread to ask which was the DRL wire? Tapped the thicker brown/blue on my driver headlight harness but no luck
  4. BIG change in Gas Milage MPG after 4K miles w/ 2.0L EcoBoost

    I'm in your same boat, even tried leaving ECO, ASS on to keep mileage up and I'm barely eeking out 22.9 over 3500 miles
  5. Post your hand calculated MPG

    FX4, Tow packages? Also what app is this?
  6. Installed the Ford AirDesign Fender Flares

    Any rubbing or cutting required to fit? Was the 1.5" necessary to the tires or just a preference for leveling? stick-on install yeah? Think we could get a close-up comparison of oem trim vs fender if you get the chance? logos look like vinyl but how'd you black out the grill trim? Plasti-dip...
  7. Maverick connectivity - cell phone / wifi?

    AFAIK The data plan is through Ford and offers hotspot to any devices within/around the vehicle. It will also automatically send metadata on your vehicle usage and drive patterns - this happens without an active plan, the active plan only covers hotspot access to devices without their own...
  8. Video install Keyfob Remote Start Perimeter Plus Security System for 2020+ Escape Maverick and Bronco Sport

    I don't remember for sure but I'm fairly certain I did not disconnect the battery there's no bare wiring involved in the install so just keeping the truck off worked fine for me. Still trying to source down my reception distance issue with the keyfob. Remote start is useless if I'm less than 20...
  9. Space inside the rear fenders, around the storage cubby area.

    Yup that's about what I'm seeing, a bracket could be fabricated based on what little mount points exist but there's plenty of room
  10. Front Grill Lighting Concept

    I like it, I'm working on a lighting mod as well using a different part of the grill, on an XLT. I know the wiring's different between the trims but how'd you decide to wire the additional LEDs?
  11. Dash Cam Power Cable Snaking - Need Advice - Removing Panels

    It's pretty simple once you get in there, there's a few threads already but the gist is: For the windshield upper trim: it just tucks in, use a pry tool on the headliner if needed. there's a spot close to the A pillar that seems to have some structure, impeding the cable. you can use force to...
  12. XLT Keyfob Distance?

    Lariat comes with the fancy keyfob yeah? I'm curious if the antenna in that keyfob is just more robust than the typical XL/T
  13. XLT Keyfob Distance?

    Yeah the app is shit and I hate it, especially since they removed the Journeys (and where the hell did the acceleration analysis go??) but I find the lock/unlock feature useful when I forget the keys and I'm just grabbing an item.
  14. XLT Keyfob Distance?

    Appreciate the experience I'm trying to avoid the dealer if possible but it's increasingly appearing obvious that I will need to :v
  15. XLT Keyfob Distance?

    VIA Ford Key Fob Programming Instructions Follow these instructions to learn how to program a Ford key fob in Ontario, CA. These instructions will allow you to confidently set out on any journey around Ontario, CA, knowing that your Ford key fob is functioning properly: Close all doors on...
  16. XLT Keyfob Distance?

    I did swap it out for a Stubby Jr but I had keyfob distance issues since I purchased the vehicle. Never heard of a radio antenna working accepting signals from a keyfob but I'm sure stranger things happen - doesn't seem to be the root cause of my distance issues though
  17. XLT Keyfob Distance?

    From "Why Buy: Upgrade your vehicle with this ultra-long range extender antenna kit for up to 2,500 feet! Details: Extend the range of your Long-Range Remote Start Key Fob to up to 2,500 feet! Range...
  18. XLT Keyfob Distance?

    Oh ya man I've tried every trick I know, keyfob to the head is how I got to 50 feet... next step is carrying around a keyfob-sized aluminum foil "wand" that I stick on the flip out key and fling at the car
  19. XLT Keyfob Distance?

    Update 6/23: So I installed the "ultra-long-range" extended antenna, PN#JS7Z15603A and gained roughly 0 feet of extended distance using the XLT keyfob. VSS is mounted above the OBD port, just behind the trim panel on the driver's side. Antenna runs through driver A pillar and 3M-attaches to...
  20. Stahlbus oil drain valve

    you are correct I was looking at the V-NA