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  1. Wondering Why Dealership trying to increase prices everytime you make a change

    Every time I removed something they try to increase or sneak an increase in price at my Dealership and not really happy about it. This is Mac Haik ford in texas. The 1st time around March 2022 i had them remove an item i noticed my Maverick original price was showing $25490, then when they...
  2. With emails being different will someone still be providing the chart for April if Maverick are being built

    I can not remember what it was called but With the email notices being different now, will someone be provider us what ford is doing for production or built dates for April like if there is any being done for Mavericks?
  3. Can email be updated once confirmed? or will that mess up the priority code

    Question I got confirmation on my wife's email address my order confirmed July 7, 2021 for my specs below, the FOMO told me my priority is 02 and I question about changing my email address to mine versus my wife. However, I am very skeptical as to what that will do and if will throw me out of...