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  1. No Reason. Had to See How It Came Apart.

    What’s the goal taking it apart? Is yours the lariat with lux package? If so can you just have the seat backs have heat and eliminate the heating element on the seat bottom?
  2. JC Lewis Ford in Savannah, Georgia

    It plugs into the pig tail in the cubby in the bed for accessories such as bed lighting.
  3. Tire pressure displayed in cluster?

    I have the tire pressure option in the menu with my lariat with lux hybrid.
  4. Ford Email Question

    All I use is the trash can myself.
  5. Hybrid Battery Replacement Anxiety

    We still have a 2013 Prius C bought new with 110k miles and no issues with anything on the car never mind the hybrid battery.
  6. How many things can FORScan unlock?

    Can Forscan eliminate the seat belt chime?
  7. Only got to drive it 4.6 miles

    The dealership owns the truck until you sign the paperwork. No way would I let my insurance be involved. I would hold off signing paperwork until the truck is fixed to your satisfaction. Since it now damaged and the value has dropped I would negotiate a lower price now that it has been in an...
  8. My Maverick XLT Finally Arrived!

    Congrats! I got my hybrid Maverick in March and love it. Currently I’ve got About 5k miles. Once I got my Maverick I never drove my Mustang So Saturday I sold my Mustang to Car Max and don’t miss it at all.
  9. Maverick Hybrid Available!

    I’m in the same boat. My 2018 Mustang GT, PP I never drove once I got my Maverick in March. I just sold it to Car Max Saturday and honestly I don’t miss it.
  10. Just wondering, does anyone know what the # 1 color is? After Cactus Gray

    How do we know the #1 color was cactus grey?
  11. Which color?

    I originally ordered silver but changed it to carbonized grey. It goes better with the black bumpers and black trim
  12. Answered, thank you! - Help me understand if the Maverick can tow a 1,707 pound trailer.

    I didn’t go on a scale to know exactly what the weight was but just did a 450 mile trip with my hybrid Maverick.
  13. New ordered after the initial pause

    Dealer is getting a list of customer orders ready to place in August. Not possible to order in June.
  14. Cargo net recommendation anyone?

    I too have never used a cargo net. I have a milk crate full of ratchet straps and different sizes of bungee cords I’ve kept over the years. I keep it in the bed bungeed to the anchor near the tailgate which is covered with the hard trifold tonneau cover.
  15. Higher gas prices vs. spending thousands of $$ on a new car

    LOL. I agree on a lot of what you said. Gas station TV. Like I care what some celebrity likes or dislikes or some irrelevant news I could careless about. The thing I hate more than anything is the idiot cranking his crap music so loud people a block away can hear it. I really wish their back...
  16. CARBONIZED GRAY Maverick Club

    Yea I don’t care for them either. If I end up ruining one I’ll take the $1200 and put that towards a set of wheels I do like.
  17. Any interest in meet up ne orlando

    I live in Auburndale. Town over from Winter Haven. Had my truck CD to Jarrett Gordon Ford in Winter Haven from Chapman Ford on 3/25. I drove by there every few days to a week looking to see if they had any Maverick’s. I only saw a couple and they were sold when I asked about them.
  18. Bed Storage Cubby: Anyone making a metal door with a combo lock on it?

    I thought about a locking cover but with the locking hard trifold tonneau cover don’t think I will need it.