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  1. 4-pin to 7-pin and Trailer Brake

    So, I'm planning (at this point) on getting a hybrid, and one of the things I'm considering doing is using it to pull light campers. Definitely nothing over 2k loaded, but anyway. Almost every camper nowadays requires a 7-pin and a brake controller, even if they only weigh like 800#. Has anyone...
  2. Classic or Chastang Ford- ADM/Market Adjustment or Not?

    Has anyone in the Houston area gotten a Maverick at MSRP? I've talked to Classic and Chastang and they both claim that they don't charge ADM or Market Adjustment, but on the other hand someone at another dealership (which will remain nameless) said that *everyone* within a 500 mile radius of...
  3. Dealership "Interviewing"

    I'm probably starting too early (going for a 2023), but has anyone else been phoning around tracking which dealerships are asking what for Maverick orders? And saving a doc with the results of those calls and the name of who you spoke to? Or am I just way too OCD about this?
  4. Trailer Hitch Constrained?

    Does anyone know if the trailer hitch and 4-pin are still constrained on non-4k Mavericks? I sort of remember there being an availability issue, but that was the last I'd heard of it.
  5. "Limited Dealer Allocation" and preorder fees, for 2023?

    So, a couple of FB groups keep having posts of dealerships charging $100 for a pre- order slot for Mavericks. When I called one of the people who paid it out, they said the dealerships were only getting "80 to 100" allocations for Maverick orders and something to the effect of them only entering...
  6. Deep Sleep- Recall/Permanent Fix?

    From reading on here a lot, the Deep Sleep issue is caused by a wiring harness issue between the high voltage battery and the 12v battery. Something to do with the 12v battery not getting charged. Is there a recall on it, or did anyone ever get a permanent fix worked out? I sort of remember one...
  7. Houston-Galveston Area Good Dealers

    Anyone had a good experience with Houston/Galveston dealers? Especially ones that don't charge ADM or add "protection packages." Especially when the order banks open back up in August. I'd rather not have to make reservations at five or six dealerships hoping to get a good one.
  8. Headache Rack plus Bed Rail

    Has anyone tried making a bed rail system that includes a headache rack? It looks to me like it'd be a pretty good way to mount one permanently without having to rely on clamps or modifying the body. And that body looks like the kind of thing I really wouldn't want to try welding to, even with...
  9. Mud/Ruts & Snow Modes- locking?

    Posting here so I don't hijack the thread in the FORSCAN subforum. Isn't the Maverick supposed to have AWD? But the warnings on the Mud/Ruts and Snow settings read like it's behaving more like a part- time 4x4 (all wheels rotating at the exact same speed) instead of an AWD or full- time 4x4...
  10. 4k Owners- How Many?

    Just that, polling how many people got the 4k tow package and how many didn't. I'm curious because after looking at a bunch of window stickers for canceled orders, I've only seen one with the 4k package show up- and that was about 200 miles away.
  11. Bed Cubby Dimensions?

    Has anyone worked out the geometries of the bed cubbies? If you have, mind sharing to the group?
  12. Full Size Spare Question

    Looking at the configurator on Ford's website, and the full size spare is an option. From the price, my guess is that it's just for the tire and rim. So, if I was to get one with a donut spare, would I be able to just drive down to a tire store and pick up a full- sized spare and rim? Or would...
  13. "Change the Brake Fluid"

    The owner's manual says to change the brake fluid every 3 years. Interesting for me, for a couple of reasons. Like, I don't remember seeing that instruction in other owner's manuals. They normally just say "Check brake linings." Which is probably holdover language from drum brakes, but anyway...
  14. Maverick Curious

    Long story short, I'm tired of getting old worn- out used cars. Every car I've bought (except one that turned out to have been flooded, but the litigation is pending) has had over 120k miles on it, and I'm just tired of having to deal with "old car issues." I don't remember how I found out about...