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  1. Dash Cam Power Cable Snaking - Need Advice - Removing Panels

    You don't really need to remove the A-pillar. If you pull out the rubber gasket strip on the outside of it you can hide the wire in along there. You'll need to tuck the wire into the top of the A-Pillar first though. You'll also need to pop the plastic molding off along the inside door footboard...
  2. Early Maverick Sketches Included Bigger Display Screen

    "Wow dad, we must have jumped that rail by like 50 yards." "Nothing to be proud of, Russ..."
  3. Price Protection Denied

    My dealer honored both price-protection and 0% financing, FYI. Good luck! 👍🏻🙂
  4. Price Protection Denied

    As long as you ordered before December 26th 2021, you should be price-protected. Show this to your dealer.
  5. I wanted get wireless CarPlay adapter (CPLAY2air)

    I have this for my Lariat. It works great about 90% of the time. Sometimes it refuses to connect so I have to unplug it from the USB port, wait a few seconds, and then plug it back in. That's my only gripe. When it works though it's awesome.
  6. Only got to drive it 4.6 miles

    Oh God, that’s a nightmare. Sorry man, that really sucks.
  7. 🙋‍♂️ What did you do TO / WITH your Maverick today?

    Yeah, I had a blast. Great film!
  8. 🙋‍♂️ What did you do TO / WITH your Maverick today?

    Heading out to see the new film. The sticker arrived just in time! :cool:
  9. Saw the movie!

    Oh, it's going to be huge, for sure. It was a great movie. But you have to remember that for a while they weren't even sure the movie would ever come out in theaters. If it went straight to streaming they might not even make their money back on it, given the enormous budget. No way Paramount...
  10. Saw the movie!

    Yeah, Paramount is going to re-edit a $170 million dollar movie that was locked and awaiting an imminent release just to put a $20 thousand dollar truck in it. Makes perfect sense. LOL! I also run a small video production company, so I do know about editing. It's extremely expensive and time...
  11. Saw the movie!

    The movie was filmed like 3 years ago and then shelved due to Covid. Can't blame Ford for that. LOL! 😁
  12. Strange locking and unlocking sounds after being parked for 5 min.

    Mine does it all the time. I have an AWD EB. It reminds me of our cat who makes all kinds of weird noises when it's hungry. LOL
  13. Thought MPG would be higher so far

    I am averaging 27mpg in my EB Lariat. I drive about 65% highway. I typically drive 5mph over the posted limit which in my area is 60 (so I'm usually going 65). On the weekends when I'm just toodling around town it drops to no lower than 24mpg. I'm not a lead-foot and I use the Normal driving...
  14. Anyone Have EZ Pass?

    Great question. I have one but I haven't had an opportunity to use it yet. I believe it will work fine just sitting in the sunglasses cubby on top of the dash. We've used it that way in my wife's car in the past. I don't want to attach it to the windshield either. I already have a dashcam and...
  15. 1970s Freewheeling Maverick Makeover

    I'm really impressed with your attention to detail. The way those decals are cut is absolutely perfect. Nice job!
  16. How many of you Mav owners have seen another Mav on the road?

    My buddy was driving on the highway yesterday and saw his 1st Maverick out in the wild. He was super excited to take a photo and text it to me so he pulled up along side it, and it was me. LOL 😂
  17. DIY How-To Video: Hardwire Front and Rear Dashcam

    I went to hardwire my dashcam today and found out that I'm actually a total dumbass. :rolleyes: I didn't realize I'd need a micro 3 fuse tap. The kit I bought had an assortment of sizes, but no micro 3. Side note, There's already a ground wire connected to a bolt behind the trim on the lower...
  18. 2.0L K&N Drop-In Filter Install with Video!

    My cousin just bought me one of these for my birthday. I haven't installed it yet though. What kind of performance benefits can I expect to get with it? I have a Mav Ecoboost. Thanks.
  19. 🙋‍♂️ What did you do TO / WITH your Maverick today?

    Mine arrived today. It took about 30 minutes to install. Edit: It's crazy how Cactus Gray changes depending on the light. My first pic looks blue and now it looks green. So weird!
  20. 🙋‍♂️ What did you do TO / WITH your Maverick today?

    I installed the Light Bar from Refined Truck today. Super easy install and it works great. 👍🏻