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  1. Added chrome to XL Fender badge

    Today I picked up some scrap vinyl wrap from one of my friends and I added some flavor to my fender badge. A little goes a long way, I don’t know why ford didn’t do this from the factory since the XLT and lariat has it this takes little to almost no skill. I literally just took a straight razor...
  2. Oxford White! Painted grill, bumper and mirrors

    Finally got my truck painted and color matched. I will post updated pictures In the morning (UPADATE)
  3. Ford texts me an over priced used maverick

    Ford just shot me a text saying they have a used maverick available with 4k miles on it, for a steal of a deal at $45k 🤦‍♂️
  4. Ford Escape rims on my XL maverick

    Just bought these used for escape rims for my maverick. hated the way the stock Steelies looked. Paid $80 for all 4 rims.
  5. Street Race with a Tacoma

    Seen one of my friends with the 2022 Tacoma V6 and we did a few short races. From a dead I beat him about a cars. length then from a 20 roll about half a car.
  6. BPV delete kit - how to install?

    I bought the panda motors bpv delete kit. Does anyone know how to install these things?
  7. 12V bed connection?

    I have a 12 plug in my bed… does anyone know if theirs something that’s plug in play for these things? Or do you have to cut the wires and make your own connection? Is their a name to this plug so I can find some accessories for it?
  8. Made a phone wallpaper from my maverick headlights

    Just testing it out. You think it’s good? Or should I try something different? Let me know if you guys want more wallpapers
  9. Does cold air intake CAI improve gas mileage?

    I recently installed a cold air intake and wanted to see if their was a difference in gas mileage so from what I can see when I’m light on the throttle I seen an improved mile or 2 per gallon bump the first picture is when I was on the highway the. I drove around the city street for a while...
  10. 2.0 DIY Cold Air Intake Installed (Turbo Noise - Video)

    Hey guys just wanted to show you own DIY build on my cold air intake. Going to be making a heat shield for it as well here’s the video of the turbo noise pictures of the intake. Click the YouTube link below for video