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  1. Maverick STX?

    Hi everyone, Sergeant Gearhead here. Who here thinks a Maverick STX appearance package is a future possibility for the Maverick XL trim? They do it for the Ranger, F-150, and the Super Duty, so why not the Maverick as well?
  2. First Impressions of 2022 Santa Cruz

    Hey all, Sergeant Gearhead here. So late last night I took a quick swing by the Hyundai place to check out the new 2022 Santa Cruz. Just thought I would look at the Hyundai and give my take on it before I have the chance to see the Ford Maverick in person. (Sadly, the new Maverick has yet to...
  3. What will the trim levels be called?

    Hello all, SG here. Question: what does everyone here think Ford will call all of the trim levels for the Maverick? My guess is that they will stick to the same formula as the the Ranger and the F-150 and do XL, XLT, and Lariat. Maybe King Ranch for like a top trim (just guessing...)? Either...