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  1. MPG stats from 12 days 2804 mile vacation trip in my Maverick Hybrid XLT

    Ikr. I dont want to sound a fan boy but everyday i get amazed at how good this truck is and how efficient it is. Now i have had cars that did better MPG's than the Mav (Prius & insight) both in town and on highway. What separates the Mav from them is that this is a truck and not as aerodynamic...
  2. MPG stats from 12 days 2804 mile vacation trip in my Maverick Hybrid XLT

    I do work from home as well... on freakin WEEKEDNS LOL - perks of having your own business i guess.
  3. MPG stats from 12 days 2804 mile vacation trip in my Maverick Hybrid XLT

    On my Hybrids i get 37-39 MPG consistently while driving 225 miles/day 90% highway at avg speed of 75 MPH. Those numbers are hand calculated and a combined total miles of 14000 miles!
  4. Hybrid vs Eco for mostly highway driving.

    I drive 225 miles a day, 90% highway, average speed 75 MPH: Manually calculated - consistently get 37-39 MPG (6000 & 8000 miles driven so far on 2 Hybrid Mav's)
  5. 3k miles, broke down

    2 Hybrids for me, one has 8000 miles and one has 6000. One had couple of incidents of shudder when it was under 1000 miles and the slight surge i feel whenever ICE kicks in (which could be normal) as that happens with my second Maverick as well. No other problems so far and i get between 37-39...
  6. TSB 22-2124 -- 2.5L Hybrid idle surge fix (software update)

    yea there is another dealer i will try. I also get that cold shudder from time to time under 20mph and accelerating i wonder if this TSB is going to fix that. Another small issue i noticed, a slight surge whenever ICE engages and it happens both on low speed as well as highway speed its super...
  7. TSB 22-2124 -- 2.5L Hybrid idle surge fix (software update)

    Went to local dealer and was flat out rejected saying nothing on my VIN in system that requires this update. When i tried to show her the TSB she refused/ignored it. 🤦‍♂️
  8. Titus-Will Ford in Tacoma sold my truck to someone else

    Probably has their own financing done with a buyers order or something. I just did that on a vehicle myself. Got my financing done and loan started the very moment i docusigned it making my loan active and started to accrue interest even though the car was still sitting at a port in FL...
  9. Is this how Ford typically does business?

    not necessarily until it matures but at a bank i used to work in dealer financing we used to chargeback dealer if the loan got refinanced within 6 months of loan being originated. After six months dealer kept the full amount of money in the event of a refinance and bank took the hit. The bank...
  10. Mavericks get the Chicks

    thats awesome!
  11. Hybrid fuel door emergency release.

    ahhh i was wondering what that thing was and kept forgetting to research on it lol. I saw it the day i got my truck and it was just dangling like in the first pick. I clipped it back in thinking will have to figure out what it is. Thanks OP!
  12. Maverick Has Arrived. Chapman Ford Horsam Goes Full Scumbag

    another positive review of mine of Chapman and i utilized their drop ship deals. No issues on my deal and i even got to use $500 farm bureau rebate easy peasy. I knew about their price protection and rebate conflict before the purchase process started, anyhow in my case rebate was more valuable...
  13. Big Shudder

    I experienced this once yesterday at 20ish mph early in the morning just about when i left for work. Exactly like in the video. I was shocked for a second like what happened? did i run over something before realising it was the powertrain. I noticed it was around the time when car was in full...
  14. TSB 22-2124 -- 2.5L Hybrid idle surge fix (software update)

    called my local dealer and they have no information on this TSB "in their system" yet. He did say some others have called regarding it as well but nothing in their system for this TSB to be worked on.
  15. $30,000 Lawn Ornament - I am LIVID

    I think for out of state deals they send a different type of temp tag. I got one from them within 1 day of requesting it. Its a in transit temp tag hence i believe they ran out of them and had to request more from PA state. My guess is their regular in-state deals get a temp tag that probably...
  16. My Carvana Maverick

    Oh wow, thats not a bad deal considering the circumstances. I see many XL's barebones more than that on Carvana and other used car sites. Congratulations!
  17. Hybrids Available for $22,000

    Something aint right about this, it says Lariat for $22K!!:cautious: