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  1. Part number of rubber center console pads/mats ?

    Tried search, didn't really dial in- Just looking to see if anyone has the part numbers of the larger (under USB ports) and the smaller bin pad located just in front of the armrest ? Looking to get the Orange XLT pads and ditch the Lariat ones. Thanks
  2. Any XLT owners want to swap for Lariat - Desert Brown center console pads ?

    Any XLT owners want to swap for Lariat - Desert Brown console pads ? Just curious- Thx
  3. 10 Day - 200 Mile short review-

    FX4/ECO/4K- Lariat/Lux- Handles great- Quiet- Mooroof is nice- Corners tight- Comfy seats- Peppy- Sync 3 infotainment good B/0 - Stereo good but seems underpowered Dual Climate/HVAC- Awesome- So much better than our Highlander Factory SIBL is gorgeous- OEM plastic bed cap rails get hot AF...
  4. Lariat/Lux- Bluetooth- Adding "Favorite Phone" option -

    On our First maverick road trip we discussed something a bit odd - With my wives Pixel 5a connecting instantly to the Maverick without any of the normal pairing protocol we were shocked- We could not get the thing to be unpair- Finally had to power down that phone, mean while my already paired...
  5. Plastic gas pedal ?

    Just was looking at the gas pedal on our Lariat/FX4 and its just tiny plastic without a rubber footprint - Am I missing a piece ? Thx-
  6. Blown speaker on day 3 -

    Well it seems the cone has already separated on my B/O door speaker- Could be a rattle induced with bass issue but sure doesnt sound like it- Question does the B/O system use the same door speakers as the standard option ? Also wondering to those that have upgraded the doors how much a...
  7. 245/65/17 Toyo with white lettering + Rokblokz mudflaps installed

    Got it done- So much of a better stance/appearance than the P/Scorpions.
  8. 235/70/17- ?

    I am looking for more ground clearance without a lift for now- Ditching the FX4/225S- 235/70s seems interesting- Keeping the narrower width of the 235 but going up in aspect size- Anyone running these ...
  9. Best/Average/Worst Mileage if bumping up to 245/65/17 ?

    Just curious to those that upgraded to larger 245/65s what your mileage is currently ? More interested in rigs similar to mine with AWD/FX4/TOW/MOON/LUX- Looking to get some better ground clearance and then will add HR lift springs when available. thanks !
  10. Ford/Pass Reward Points (42,000) New Ford Purchase

    But yet Ford chat knows nothing about this ? How do you actually get the bonus points ? Thx in advance -
  11. Took Delivery with a tailgate paint chip down to the primer/metal- Reasonable solution with dealer ?

    Took Delivery with a tailgate paint chip down to the primer/metal- Its not the end of the world but besides getting a bottle of touch up paint at no/charge what else would people do in this situation ? Just curious-
  12. Rokblokz Mud Flaps feedback?

    Just checking in to see if folks are liking the Rokblokz flaps ? They do seem to hang pretty low, not sure if the Ford OEM version/etc have the same footprint. Thx-
  13. Its here ! A soothing eight + month wait- TGIF

    Great looking rig in person- I got the last @ invoice sale per my dealer- Thanks LHM- Ordered 9/1 but changed to a Lariat in October. A couple issues, paint chip to the primer on tailgate was not caught and or fixed at any inspection. Received with 26 miles - Ugh .The roof mounted frame/rain...
  14. WildPeak AT/Trail Or A/T 3W ?

    Trail built for crossovers but weighs more than the A/TW- A/T3 W looks more aggressive- Really like the Cooper Discoverer AT3 but might change it up. Thinking 235 or 245 - 65/17 - Trying to get a bit more clearance but keep mileage up and rock chips down :) Thoughts -
  15. Hard roll-up cover recommendations?

    Anyone got a legit hard roll cover that they can recommend? Thx -
  16. Rail tracking site ?

    Spent a minute searching the site without a definite answer - On the west coast using Union Pacific - How does one dial in rail car # and site to track progress ? I know the ramp ID - etc. Thx
  17. Ford Chat Link ?

    Anyone got a link that gets you to a Ford Chat person that can actually see into production status/delivery date/ETA ? Thanks-
  18. H&R will release both Lift and Lowering Springs

    Just confirmed with H&R that they will be coming out with both lift and lowering springs for the Maverick- Don't know if all builds such as 4K tow will be supported but this is very good news nonetheless. YAY
  19. Anyone going to the Flagstaff Overland Expo?

    Any Maverick folks / reps going to the Flagstaff event ?