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  1. October Hybrid Orders United

    I'm trying to provide some hope.
  2. October Hybrid Orders United

    I'm trying to give ya'll some hope. I really hope you all get your trucks soon.
  3. Ontario License Plate question

    I don't have a red sticker on either plate and i've never heard of it. This is my first truck though so perhaps it's just not something i've ever had to worry about.
  4. October Hybrid Orders United

    Hate to be that guy but...October 15th order, have almost 4000 kms on it already. Was delivered May 20. XLT hybrid with Lux and Co-pilot 360. Spray in liner, moonroof, roll up tonneau, tow package.
  5. Mirrors small for towing. Stick-on convex mirror suggestions?

    One of the first things I noticed with my Mav is that the side mirrors are a little on the small side. Today I towed a trailer to the dump and found the mirrors difficult to use when backing up a trailer. Anyone have any suggestions for those little stick on convex mirrors? I've seen some on...
  6. Early Maverick Sketches Included Bigger Display Screen

    My last car was a 2018 Kia and it had a 8.25" screen with way better resolution and contrast. I was a little surprised to go to a car 4 years newer and have a lower quality screen. The truck has a lot of strong points but its weaknesses are kind of surprising. Though I guess these are how they...
  7. Early Maverick Sketches Included Bigger Display Screen

    I would sacrifice a bigger screen for a higher quality one. I find the screen resolution lacking and wish it had better contrast for those super bright days.
  8. Lariat seats vs XLT

    I have the Lux package.
  9. Lariat seats vs XLT

    My last two cars had leather seats which I prefer. I'm thinking about seat covers just for keeping clean. If the lariat hybrid was an option in Canada, i would have bought one.
  10. Lariat seats vs XLT

    I find about 3 hours is the limit. I could do 4-5 in my Kia and be fine. Like I said, the seats aren't uncomfortable but they aren't comfortable either. To me, they're just ok and could be better.
  11. Lariat seats vs XLT

    I hear that. I would love to be able to lift the front edge of the seat. I would also love to be able to put the seat back another inch or two. I'm only 6 feet tall but have rather long legs. Not sure how taller people do long drives. The truck is not uncomfortable but it's not comfortable...
  12. Lariat seats vs XLT

    This is one issue i've found in many cars. Not enough lower thigh support. That's what I loved about my Kias, the seats were very well designed. I notice the same issue in my wife's CRV. It's like the seats drop off at the front instead of offering some support.
  13. Lariat seats vs XLT

    Wife wants to see Top Gun and I told her we obviously have to see it at the drive in in my Maverick. It only makes sense.
  14. Lariat seats vs XLT

    Are the Lariat seats better than the XLT seats? I haven't had the opportunity to sit in a lariat yet. Not saying the XLT seats are bad, but they definitely have a time limit for sitting in. That's been one of my biggest adjustments coming from my last two Kias with sport bucket seats.
  15. Hybrid true fuel tank capacity?

    Here in Canada, at Petro-Canada stations, you get bonus points for a fill up of 50 litres or more. ;-)
  16. What option would you want that wasn’t offered

    Lariat hybrid. Not available in Canada for some reason. I would really love an AWD Hybrid Lariat. That would be sweet. Make it a plugin hybrid and you'd have a perfect truck.
  17. Hybrid vs Eco for mostly highway driving.

    I'm just happy to know that i'm not the only one who takes pictures of the mileage often. I have a folder of mileage photos to refer back to. Your mileage looks very similar to mine. I average 48-52MPG for my daily commute which is only 27kms of 65% highway and 35% city. The other day I did a...
  18. CP360 Worth it???

    I had a stroke a few years back and lost half my eyesight. I had to pass multiple drivers tests and have to complete a full visual field test every year just to keep my license. I have never been in an at fault accident in 30 years of driving and my only minor accident was at 17 when I was rear...
  19. New member from Canada

    That's a pretty detailed description of the location so maybe he has a better tracking system as a larger market dealer. I know a lot of them sit in a lot after being delivered by rail waiting for a truck to pick them up and take them the rest of the way.
  20. New member from Canada

    The tracker isn't always accurate. Mine said it was pushed back a week then showed up at the dealership that day. The salesman said he had two show up that didn't even say they were built yet.